A pair of blue hair, straight short hair, neck and neck, is the most proudly favorite work of her own. From a gracious tone, the eyes of the pair can be seen from the eyes of the person who can see her.

At this time of the Taiwan Designer, there are also her works on the booth of the Taiwan Textile Designers' Quick Design and Design Center.

Serena Chen's Natural breeze series open bird handrings with bracelets , is it very beautiful ~

greatest feature of Serena Chen's works is to combine leather with other metal materials. The pattern is more than usual around the animals, flowers, or the sky surrounding us. And the reason for Serena's fresh and natural style is to let us come to Serena, and see how she decided to go to northern Europe to create new creative energy, and then create a brand for her!

Refusing to follow the path and follow your

Serena " was originally involved in the design of women's shoes, but gradually found herself unable to find pleasure, and the pace of her work was so fast and fast that she didn't suit her own personality. She chose to leave her job, and left the island to study in the Swedish Academy of Arts to study jewelry.

In Sweden, Serena could say that it was almost zero, and that the gold was far less than the foreign students, but the strong peer pressure was not to beat Serena, because it was not enough, so much more effort was needed.In a spirit of disobedience and unwillingness to be seen by others, she began training at the time of the most basic welds, and every day she used his time to study, and the other students went out to play. She chose to continue to strengthen her basic skills in the school, to supplement some of her skills, and even to make it more pure than other people.

Now, Serena, as his favorite trinket, is very demanding and very hard on herself.

After returning home, Serena chose to design his favorite jewelry to be accessory designer of the clothing. Although the jewelry industry was not expected to be too immediate in the fashion industry, any product was designed to meet the market's needs in many ways, so that the degree of freedom to be freely usable was still largely limited, and could not really make what he wanted.After several years of working experience and exploration of the self, Serena found out that what he wanted most was to "do what he likes."

family is the most powerful backup terms of value and success without money

At this time, Serena started to think carefully about the possibilities of setting up a business." I think I'm a paradox.Serena describes herself as she wants to be a design that he likes, while thinking about the economic reality and wants a stable job. But in the process of trying to make a struggle, his family has always been her greatest spiritual pillar.Serena said that her family would not use money to measure the value of everything, or even her success, and that it would have a positive influence on her.In addition, Serena, who went to Sweden to study school fees, had to pay for all the expenses of his work, all of which were borne by herself. So even if you start a business, you will still have your own savings. " I'm proud of that!Serena, with a smile, says with a smile.With enough start-up capital and encouragement from home, the most important thing is the willpower of "not trying to see the heart," Serena really decided to give himself a chance.

past experience to create new, unique Serena

However, when you first started creating a brand, it wasn't as easy as you thought it would be, and how to differentiate it from a wide range of brands was the problem that Serena had encountered after taking the first step.It was decided at the time to name it with its own name, and there was a Serena Chen brand.Serena said she wanted to be her own, had her own style, and she was projecting all her ideas on every piece of work.

Based on the experience of studying in Sweden, Serena also found that the so-called "jewelry" abroad was not just precious metals, but all materials could be used to create ornaments, and their Jewelry was not only a commodity sold by the jewelry store, but also a piece of art for Swedish people.As a result, Serena has used the experience of designing women's shoes to combine leather with jewelry, unlike jewelry in the common market, and Serena makes different combinations of different materials and colors, and to find a combination of his own style.

is the inspiration?All from

When you talk about any particular source of inspiration, Serena laughs and says, "She's always been very unaccustomed to, and I don't know, what to do with it."" Because that's part of life.The idea of "moving" and "enlightenment" in his life is directly reflected in the decoration, and this is that Serena has always embraced the concept of creativity, and it's very simple, but it's really hard to say, because the moving needs of that kind of life need to be carefully worked out, and it will be different for everyone.

For Serena, every piece of work is a weather report of the current mood.
(top Rainbow necklace /Bottom right is Sunny necklace )

The most popular Darkma family , symbolicative power, courage, loyalty, intelligence and dignity,

Animals have a sense of familiarity, and are easy to get close to.

good customer, pressure, and

Serena, who is good at designing accessory accessories, also likes to design decorations in the designer, and the style is very simple.She once sold one of the clocks, because one of them had a problem, and Serena wanted to recycle them all, but she would rather spend time with Serena to help other professional craftsmen to solve the problem, and she wouldn't give her the clock back, and this was very moving.There are many other very good guests who haven't only won her work long time, but also offered to introduce them to other clients. When their brand is valued and trusted, she is no longer just a businessman or a businessperson with good faith.Serena has encouraged her and urged her to feel lucky, though she is sometimes pressured by the habit of unfetchable Serena, but a good customer is definitely a positive feedback that creates that powerful force that she continues to walk.

This is a lamp made by Serena in the first place that was set up to set up a booth, and instead got a very high degree of inquiry!

-bound without drawing, to try something

Serena was more focused on designing your own work, and now she's trying to pick up orders and design decorations for guests. Even so, Serena is still very much concerned about the autonomy of the creative process, and wants customers to let their own hands go.In addition, Serena is occasionally taught as a teacher. In addition to taking this opportunity to increase the stability of his work, he hopes that more people will be able to appreciate the achievements and pleasures of their own hands, whether they are children, husband and wife, or even grandmothers, even grandmothers.

This fifth grader's sister took part in the Silver ring experience course that Serena opened,

Is it a complete set?

Serena wants one day to have one of his own small stores, and the studio is the studio. In addition to having to avoid having to run on both sides of the studio and save a lot of trouble, Serena is eager to have one of his own little fields, and can run and set up herself, and can truly do as a senena Chen!

of Eastern Elements to

Serena also announced that she would soon launch a series of new products that would be more representative of the Orient, and would use the imagery of some traditional Chinese characters, and would like to use some traditional Chinese characters.

The next new product, will it be?Let us look forward to it!

Brave yourself!You don't regret it you don't

After a period of time in Northern Europe, and look back at Taiwan, Serena feels that the Taiwanese people are less confident, and that although it is really difficult to be brave enough to be able to do it, it is sometimes necessary to believe in that unit.You may have a lot of things that you would like to do, and no one knows, but at least, it doesn't matter if we have to try it. If you don't take that step, you'll always be able to do it, then let go and do it!When people are confronted with an environment that they are not familiar with, or where they are not good at, they tend to be afraid and even resistant, but Serena sees such dilemmas as being able to challenge their chances of being able to do so." It's like me, it's a fear of heights, but I'm going to climb the rock, and I'm scared, but I'm just trying to make it out of my potential."Serena is the way to overcome adversity in such a positive and positive way."I think that the reason she has been able to persist until now depends on the belief that the unit wants to transcbe self-confidence. I believe that people are limitless, believe that they can do it, and believe that besides good, it can be even better.

Homage Mirroring

If you like the decorations of Serena Chen and her creative ideas, you also welcome them to the womany shop!

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Serena Chen-Birdout Y character

Serena Chen-Mini-Dalam Necklace

Serena Chen-Natural Microwind Garden Series Chest

design to dream and

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