After years of development in Italy, and in 2005, Huang Kun-hui, designer of the personal studio "HSUN JEWELRY", has returned to Taiwan to quickly design a center for the rapid design of the Taipei Dresses.The name of the brand name is given by the name of the parent. In addition to his family's support, he also has the courage to make his own meaning.Six sharp teeth have a strong logo style, which is impressive, and the logo patterns are derived from the first series of "Masks Rings" by the studio's first series of "Masks."

Jewelry is a symbol of the place and money, and it is easy to measure the value of a person by wearing dressing and accessories, because it is an extravagant, material-controlled extras that wants to highlight itself, and the Lord of the Lord rethink the phenomenon of "the Lord's swan" in a manner of humor.

Zhang's cannon ring seems to be eating your fingers, is it a "person, a ring" or a "ring finger"?

Before being a designer, fumigation was in fact a major engineering design during the university. During the course of her study, she found that the problem of more rational and productive technology was involved in the design of work. It might give designers more restrictions and less suitable for themselves.Later, he came into contact with the design of jewelry. The exquisite tactile sensation and great scope of space attracted the fumigation, and this was planted in this magnificent world.After graduating from Florence Art Studio in Florence, Italy, after graduating from a jewellery design, fumigation began with a number of jewelry companies in Sicily, and decided to create unique jewelry from the perspective of their own pace and vision.

The ability to do what you want is a happy thing for designers, but there are also the bitter and frustrations that we haven't seen.When she first returned to Taiwan, she had to regrope the market's preferences and habits. The jewelry industry in Taiwan was also a major challenge. It was a big challenge to help people understand their artistic value. She treated this low tide as a long vacation, and she was self-fulfilling, and harvested the frustration of her life.

is often attracted by various kinds of earrings, and it doesn't matter if you want to wear it, but you don't dare to punch the ear.
This is an eye-absorbing ear clip that doesn't need perforations. Let the little lizard stop whispering in your ear!

This slap in the earring is a small size in a series of works, and the small children combine to combine with little jade to create
child's joyful situation in the tires and swing.

The titles of the works are diverse, and there are many elements of animals.
The delicate and exquisite lizard is quite lovely in the eyes of the ring, and the
who don't like reptiles may be tempdedly able to resist them.

It's not easy to run a personal brand, you have to be patient with the cumbersome process, make a lot of decisions, and face the big and small choices, and any results are unknown. Although it's hard, it's also interesting to create a personal studio.Hsun JEWELLY's work has always been one of the main segments of the studio, but it is also another major project of the studio, and the bride told fumigation that her husband's condition was: "Without HSUN JEWELRY's wedding ring, I wouldn't have married."" I am very moved by fumigation.As a matter of fact, the difficulties and difficulties have never been too much, but as long as they have guests' appreciation, support, and affirmation, they can also see the important moment in life, and all the hard work is worth it.

The two people work together to build a future that is like a sparkling future, and that the new wedding ring is favored by the newcomers.

Fummy recently also served as a lecturer in the design of the accessories, wax carving and basic gold.
The students are listening and explaining and preparing for the show.

fumigated the love of the jewelry design that she loved, and verified that "serious women are the most beautiful".

The Italian Studios is a corner of the Italian studio and has produced many wonderful works here.

for her observations, the women in Taiwan generally wear a little bit of style, and Hsun JEWELLLER shows a little bit of rugged sexual flavor, and she doesn't dare say that her works are influenced by her work.

thinking more about fumigating creative ideas and work, looking at her

Homemage Mirroring

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Hsun Jewellery Mini-Man Series-Headers

Hsun Jewellery Mini-Line Series-Swing

design to dream and

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