When love enters a marriage, it is a beautiful fruit of mutual efforts.But the next step is not only to deal with each other, but have you ever thought of how to prepare the property of both sides?Let the law tell us how to share it with us, and not because the distribution of the property has injured the sweet.

do we allocate our property?

When the weather is fine, a few wives together drink afternoon tea and chat and exchange intelligence together.

Mrs. Chan said: " At our home, I have the biggest rights, the house, the car, the bank deposit, all of us.Mrs.
says, " In our home, my husband is the biggest, and everything I value is mine."
family is very fair, the house belongs to me, but the land is registered under my name, which is fairly fair!"No one will suffer.
Mrs. Cole: " Yes!How can you not express your opinion?What's the situation like in your home?"In our home, only movable property belongs to me, and the real estate system is my husband," says Mrs. Koko
Mrs. Koko laments, "At our home, the so-called" movable property " means that the two of my family's vigorous little energies!The public can't help but laugh, and at the end of the day there is a husband like this. What kind of sophil is this?

matrimonial regime of husband and wife, I believe many couples do not know how to distinguish between the individual and the husband's property in the marriage relationship. Can I ask for what?In civil law, the "object" is a private right object, which is the object of the exercise of the right of privacy.

The so-called "object" is an independent object with economic value that can be dominated by people other than the human body.Therefore, "things" often refer to objects and rights. As for the human body, based on the protection of the human body, of course, it cannot be seen as an "object".It is only natural to make a joke in the story of moving a child as "movable".
are married before or after
, and have
the right to
or , the
and wife have the to marry or marry.However, if the property of a wife or wife cannot be determined to be acquired before or after the marriage, it is presumed that the property is presumed to be the property of the married person before the marriage is presumed to be the property of the husband and wife.

The husband and wife's property and income, in addition to their special property, are merged into common property, which is common to both spouses.The common property is managed jointly by the spouses, but the agreement is made by a party administrator.

[separate property]
The husband and wife maintain the ownership of their property, each with management, use, benefit, and disposition.If a common property system is adopted in the matrimonial property system, then it should be made, changed or repealed, and it would be best to make a registration of the matrimonial property to the court. If it is not registered, it should not resist the third party.At present, most couples have not contracted the matrimonial property system, so they are made of the property of their husband and wife.

Through the solution of the law, let us enjoy the warmth and happiness of each other in a sweet marriage. It is more capable of defending our own property rights. The distribution of property is no longer a problem!

your rights!

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