Do you remember the Disney films I grew up with?Have you ever thought, would you like to have a little bear that belongs to your own little girl, Vinnie, or a little deer in school? womany collected the colorful Disney animals in real life, and let them go back to the sweet childhood with you!

Flying elephant v.s. Baby

Remember the Small Flying DDUMBO?

He found his big ears brother!

Little Deer Bambi v.s. skunk

Fairy Cheese-Mouse Gusv.s. Red nose, little white

Red, happy to eat cheese, two people are really similar!"

Miss and Rogue

In real life, there is a moving love across distance!

101 The Dog-Pengo, White Petty, and their puppies

A lot of things, it's a really good order to control flowers!

The Forest Prince-Grand bear Baroo

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It's the happiest thing to animate it with bark!

Pooh Vinnie v.s

The combination of Bear and Butterfly is really curable ~

foxes and hound-fox-fox-and-hound dues

The hounds and foxes are truly the best friends in the real world!

Detective Rat, Basil, Basil, and Sherlock's Tracker Doby

Toby!You're gonna get bitten by your


Lion King-Wood and Ssimba

A little lion is so cute!

Lion King-Simba and Ding

Finding Nemo, Nimo and Dolly

Look at them, really want to come to a magnificent adventure in the ocean!

The Miracle-the Dog-Dog for

Look at his innocent eyes and mind melting!

Is it a little bit special, a little bit cute, in the real life of animals, just like the Disney Animation?

In October, the womany shop also prepared an interesting little game, and wanted to work with you to find a colorful and colorful character in your life!Come on, let's go!

womany shop Highlights of October - [We play games]

Cataconman Raising!10/11-10/31

Some people are born different

Especially those in cartoons

Each individual has its own Featured

This time, we want to collect the colors of different cartans, and in this and cold autumn, create a lovely rainbow for all of us!After the event, we will elect three of the most creative comments, giving the scoop a colorful and colourful cup mat!!

game approach looks here:

1. Be a fan womany for comments.

2. Shout the name of the cartoon character, and tell us which cartoons he appears and the color of his s representative colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and six colors).

3. The number of messages per person is not limited, and if the same content occurs, the priority is valid.

4. To successfully obtain a small gift, please go here fill out your little data.(Don't worry about the gift requirement, no data breach The fan who has not completed this step before the end of the event will lose the award!

5. The winner will be announced on the day of the activity period to 10/ 31 (Wednesday) 13:00.

Looking for something special in life together!

> > as a rainbow, unbeatable

> > Life is like a rainbow

> > Some things, missed out of

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