The fall of the fall allows the leaves to turn red, and nature decorates the earth with all the best colors.Autumn is often seen as the best time to review the year, with many places in the world choosing to hold important celebrations and customs in the autumn.You know what?Apart from the Dragon Boat Festival, there are also legends of laying eggs in the autumn. mythology, autumn was the goddess Bethaffene, who was brought back to the Chinese government by Hades, the goddess of the goddess, as the goddess left, and the whole life dried up, from summer to autumn.

Celebration and legends add different colors to the autumn, and womany finds the most touching autumn scenery for you, and is ready to join you in this beautiful season.

Two Indian wooden chairs are located on the riverside of the United States, lined with the fall in the embankment, a silent note

When the English males begin to call for the female, they know that the autumn is closer to

Britain has a traditional game in the fall, which is to tie the fruit of the seven-leaf tree with a rope,
and catch up with each other, the hardest of the

A Russian Boys in the Leaf and the Auto Play

Stay on the windscreen of the rain bead

Germany's small polar bear Anori and mother play on cold autumn days

Mountain Head of Germany is Red-dyed

Singapore Autumn Flower Fair, with nearly 20,000 flowers in the event

Children are sitting on police cars watching Mid-Autumn Fireworks in Shanghai

Hong Kong's Mid-Autumn Festival is full of traditional style

A Hong Kong dragon tradition that has been circulating for over a century can drive away a whole year of bad luck

the young girl throws the leaves into the air, and then smile

Farmers in Switzerland will be moving cattle from the top to the valley during the fall, and for them the fall is the season of migration

The farmer in Switzerland celebrates the migration and makes beautiful ornamentation for their cattle

To celebrate the arrival of autumn, Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal host a mask march

in the fall harvest of grapes from Germany

Romanian girls, step in the autumn to make the grapes

butterflies open their wings to the autumn's arrival

Russia's a duck with a duck in a duck's face

The North Korean people are not easy to wait until the autumn harvest

On an Autumn Flower Fair in the United Kingdom
Peter Glazebrook demonstrates the world's largest onion

Are you ready for the fall?The fall of the autumn brings new beauty to the planet.The US has always been there, just to discover it.Let's look for the best in the seasonal transformation.

Beautiful, right next to

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