Do you want to plan a "clean" trip that can be relaxed and relaxed? The international tour site tripadder has selected ten scenic and scenic bathhouses, and let you wash your mind at the same time as you wash your body, and toss together the vast sky.

womany shares these bathhouses to you and lets them clean your body and clean up your heart!

Ponta dos Ganchos

Ponta dos Ganchos, owned by a private island, is located on one and a half of the southern part of Brazil.
is a stone motel hidden in a tropical jungle.
From any angle, it can be appreciated by an unbeliable waterfront.

Queen town of New Azur

Azur hotels are located in a quiet place in Sunshine Bay, New Zealand, where
can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Lake Wakatipu

kangaroo Ocean Lodge

Southern Ocean Lodge Hotel is at the front of a 40-meter-high cliff, and
large areas of windows are able to focus on the southern ocean and the green and original forest landscape.

South Africa Cape Town The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

The Twelve Apostles Hotel is located in Cape Town,
near the Table Mountain Table Mountain and the twelve Apostles, Twelve Apostles

Queen town of New Onsen Hot Hot Springs

Eason Springs, Queen's Town, combines the New Zealand flavour in the Japanese bathhouse.In the cliffs outside the town of Queen's town, the
Olsen spa " overlooks the deep, deep, Saudi Ova canyon,
hot springs and the magnificent view, and weary the body and mind.

India Agra Oberoi Amarvilas

The Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel in India is located in the Agla districts, and is
by the Taj Mahal, the Taj Mahal, and the Aguelberg.

Nam Wan Wan, six senses Heidwey

Do you want to wash a poetic, away from the buzz?Come on, it's right here on the island of Ninawan bay.

Mardiff Marrow Reef Huvafen Fushi Phraffen Island Resort

The Fflower Island Resort is located in the reef of the Maldivian FMA, which is located in the exquisite coral islands, where the
can enjoy the open spaces of the fish and the sea.

The Grand Hotel is located next to the Gulf.
Each guest room has a very good vision of the Bay Area and the skyline of the city of Singapore

Thailand Sumi Tongsai Bay Cottages &

"and Natural Life" is the spirit of the Tongsai Bay Hotel, where
few cottage suites and swimming pools have natural rock in
, in the course of construction, no trees have been felled, and the philosophy of life and natural life can be found here.

womany refreshing time

The scenery, the relaxed atmosphere, and the natural fragrance in the bath milk, so that you can enjoy the time of your bathroom!womany's carefully recommended bath partner, make your body and mind happy!

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