Cotton Master Vanessa will talk to us about the myth of tampon!We know that in a woman's lifetime, there are nearly six, seven years as a result of the physical limitation of the physical period!Let's get to know the cottonbars of turning women's lives together!

Do you know?Women have nearly six or seven years of life in their lifetime, because the period of physical restraint is restricted.
Do you know?The usage rate of cotton stripes abroad is 81 %, but only 2 % in Taiwan's penetration rate!
How much do you know about the tampon? Let us have a trip to the Cotton Article with the Cotton Master Vanessa! -I was in the ...

Vanessa, also known as the Cotton Tree Lord of Taiwan, once used cotton bars (as many as Shennongjia) on Earth more than 120 items, and with a keen interest in spreading this good stuff to the girls in Taiwan!"

Vanessa, who went abroad to study abroad during the age of the student, and the first encounter with a pair of cotton bars also started her thinking about the physical autonomy of women through the experience of the first time in the country.Corresponding to the cultural constraints of Taiwan, there are many question marks in Vanessa's mind: Why didn't women in Taiwan use the cotton strip?Why is it that a virgin is not a virgin or a virgin in the traditional way of thinking about Taiwan?Or is it possible that the use of cotton strips is likely to be infected, or even a risk of death, but she has personally experienced the comfort, comfort and convenience brought about by the cotton strip, so that she can escape the sultry and the limits of the movement of the past tampon!(Recommended reading: Enjoy the freedom to bring the cotton strip to us!)Don't be afraid, nine benefits you'll fall in love with cotton bars )

Vanessa has been thinking, why foreign women always choose to decide what life they want, for example, in terms of the use of cotton bars. In contrast, domestic women are always unable to escape the traditional framework and do not have the unique characteristics of each woman.I don't like it, I don't like it.Of course, cultural differences are the factors, but she believes that women themselves lack consciousness, and that is the crux of all the problems.What's missing in Taiwan's women? "Confidence, let each woman be beautiful" Vanessa said.

During the interview, we found that Vanessa was a very energetic and energetic person, and when she put her passion for life on the things she liked, she showed up and went straight forward!Vanessa began to look carefully at the data, reading word by sentence reading the foreign language and knocking on his own doubts and curiosity about the cotton messages.When she found the answer to herself, she found that "education is the most fundamental of all," and she found that the "education of the religion" is a key role.Vanessa said that she decided to be a leader in the cotton bar, just because she wanted to open the way for freedom of movement for women now, by posting an article in a blog, and not afraid of traveling to school or the media to make the right attitude.Some people even reminded her that she might have another cotton bar to enter Taiwan, asking her not to worry, and she wouldn't worry about it

"As long as I can achieve my original intent, let more girls have the opportunity to choose the life she wants, that's enough!"That's my goal!"

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We don't need it, but you have to learn the right knowledge

The greatest challenge is to break traditional notions in the promotion process, but to Vanessa, everything is in her expectations, and it is the value of doing it because of the difficulties and frustrations.She really wants to help women in Taiwan understand the benefits of cotton and understand it differently, so that the girls can influence their friends and relatives, and even influence their children in the future, and eventually let the women of Taiwan feel free to be able to live in their own bodies.Vanessa said.

Most commonly encountered problems: virgine sentiments

Vanessa discovered that many of the women in Taiwan lack basic knowledge of physical education and are simply walking along with the traditional beliefs that were instilling in childhood.For example, on the physiological structure, the virgin film itself has a very delicate hole, and others have no virgin films, but with the influence of the patriarchal society, fear that the intrusion of a tiny cotton-pong will hurt it and affect its future, only because of the traditional dogmus of "happiness is the only one who will be happy."All sorts of misconceptions have been sacrificed, but they are the comfort of their own bodies and the comfort of the menstrus!So, "I don't support virgals, that's an option for everybody, but I don't support the virgin," she says. She says that men who love the world should give priority to the body's comfort, rather than simply by using a film to assess their emotions.(Recommended reading: Photo exhibit: Virgess is not a film, but a twisted complex )

Just stick to it

In fact, she can give up, choose to work and live easily and easily, and not interfere with others' happiness and rights.Vanessa said, " If I don't do it, no one will do it!"I don't want to stop myself, at the expense of the opportunity to change the happiness of the women in Taiwan."I hope that one day, every woman will be willing to take courage to try and take control of her own personal sovereignty, so that she can have more choices and make life more free and free to be loved by herself.She has always believed that "you can change others, and you make yourself undeserved."

It's moving, but it's just the beginning of the dream.

This cotton-bar promotion tour, with tears, also cheers.For her, the hapest thing is to obtain government permits, and Vanessa has spent three or four years' time in the promotion of cotton bars, concentrating on the audit of the evidence.Despite the effort and money of the previous two years, Vanessa said, "Only by taking the evidence can the Taiwanese women get more substantial help."This period has also given her a lot of valuable gains, even though they are still optimistic about the future of the fruits of the future, even if they encounter a lot of setbacks.The experience of the war has laid the foundation for her own brand of cotton right now, and has been able to donate part of the surplus after exercising power to help more people to play a greater role.

If you have dreams, you have to be brave!

Perhaps because of the personality of Aquarius, Vanessa is unique.She doesn't want to be ordinary, simple life is easy to get too much, and she likes to think more and more and more, because it is these processes that make themselves more different and more likely to be more and more likely to be more and more likely to be more and more likely to be more and more likely to be more and more likely to be more and more likely to be more and more

"Maybe you will fail, but it will only return to its original location."But what if it was successful?Just like me now, it's really very addictive!Vanessa described it as a "jump."This is an unforgetful act, and she's like a beautiful gem. It's a shine!

What she would like to share with women's women is: " To do what is hard and do it best!"