Geun-hye has won the party's nomination to represent the GNP in December.If she was successful, Park would become the first female president in South Korea's history.

Geun-hye is the eldest daughter of the late South Korean military commander Park Chung-hee, where opinion polls show her support ahead of other presidential candidates. The new generation is coming, " said the 60-year-old, when she won a landslide victory in the party's primary election."

Voters are expecting the birth of a female president

image of Park is astute and she has been added to the GNP of the Grand National Party, which she led in the wake of a corruption scandal in South Korea's President Lee Myung-Bak, while Lee Myung-Bak, who is about to remove the presidency, has fallen to an all-time low in the last month of his term.


Park's victory in the party primaries must, to some extent, be attributed to her appeal to female voters.According to political observers, although female candidates have a certain support, her gender is not good for her in the political sphere.Bak Sang-mee, an anthropologist at the Korean Foreign Studies University, said, "Her identity is not a candidate for feminism. She's just a woman.""

1974 and 1979, when Park's mother and father were assassinated, Park became the most politically dominant woman in South Korea.However, since she entered politics for the first time in 2004 as the party chairman, Park has dealt with her as a woman in a low-key manner, and according to White Sami, this is a political tool that is common throughout the world.

Although Park has recognized the political order created by male politicians today, she does not intend to change that political culture, but to demonstrate that she has the ability to not lose to male politicians, "

White Sami is unable to assert that voters are ready for the first female president, so for Park Geun-hye, the most insurance policy is to continue her low-key approach toward women until the election comes.

However, for some young female young voters in South Korea, Park is not the first woman to be the ideal woman to be the first woman to be elected.Many cannot see her as a two-story relationship with her father's iron fist in the past, and she is a child who grew up under prerogatives.

Privileges "and" conservatively

Park Chung-hee (left) ruled South Korea from 1961 to 1979 (Yuk Young-soo)
First Lady

is a representative of the upper society and not a general Korean woman, " said Dr. Kang, a 28-year-old woman from Seoul, South Korea's Shuming Women's University." It means Park is not able to understand the suffering of the people.

-year-old student at the age of 24, a South Korean woman's university, says: "Park is too conservative. She has learned too much from her father. I don't think she's ready to be a woman president.""It is feared that Park will run South Korea in accordance with her father's father."

In addition to this, many young voters want to send their hopes to another candidate, Ahn Cheol-soo, who, as a businessman and a professor, promotes social innovation, but also shows ambition to pursue the highest leadership position in the country.

White Sammi confuses: " A candidate with innovative ideas is in fact more in line with the interests of female voters.He added: "If the candidate's ideology is able to attract the majority of voters to support it, gender will not have too much influence."

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