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When you're lonely, when you're tired, a pot of good tea , you always have a warm heart.However, as a woman, the attention is not always suitable for drinking tea every time.The next five moments you want to expose you should have avoided the tea, and in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening, how they should drink tea , so as not to cause adverse effects on the body, take up a pen and write it down together.{\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000!()

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Drinking tea is the only consensus you have on health care.If you drink tea, it is not only good for health, but also for women. If you drink the wrong time, it will have an adverse effect on the body.Here are five women who are not advised to drink tea.

01. The physiological period is approaching NG!

This is precisely the lack of iron in the female body, so much more needs to be added to the iron-containing fruits and vegetables such as spinach, grapes, apples, or something that has sweetness, such as chocolate, red bean soup, and so on, which is a relief to the female.However, if tea is taken during the course of the physiological period, the tannic acid contained in the tea leaves will prevent the absorption of the intestinal mucous membrane to the iron, thus it is very easy to produce a precipitate in the intestinal tract.(Recommended reading: Say no to the four NG foods!from the time of menstruation.)

02. A positive pregnancy!

Pregnant women also have to avoid a large amount of drinking tea during pregnancy, with a 10 % coffee base in common tea, increasing the number of urine and the heart rate of the pregnant woman, thus increasing the load of the heart and the kidneys, which may also cause the pregnancy poisoning.(Learn more: Pregnancy poisoning?Late Pregnancy Tinker )

03. Pregnant Pregnant NG Rat!

Coffee alkali contained in ordinary tea products can cause insomnia, and if the pregnant woman is not sleeping in the prenatal period, it can cause the labor to consume too fast and become difficult to produce when giving birth.

04. Production of a lactating NG!

It is not appropriate to drink a lot of tea in person, the tannic acid contained in the tea leaves is absorbed by the mucous membrane, thereby affecting the blood circulation of the galactophore, and the secretion of the milk is inhibited, and the milk-milk secretion is not enough.

05. A positive value of NG!

Other than dizziness, exhaustion, and so on, women who are in menopause are also susceptible to depression, insomnia, and heartbeat acceleration, at which time drinking tea will only become more severe.

Drink tea, it's very simple, it's not easy to drink tea.But women, you should learn how to drink the good tea!The following will also tell you how to drink tea in the morning, afternoon, and at night, and how to drink the health of tea!


Early morning, perhaps you feel the spirit of last night's insomnia, sleepy, lacklustre, and so on, a glass of longtime, antioxidants and vitamin C in the green tea.(Also recommended! A cup of honey lemonade and sipa-white health

After lunch

At noon, do you want to go back to the computer to deal with the busy business? environment, women can choose either tea or cabbage or dragon tea or lemonade, which can be used to treat the stomach and stomach.(sibling: Erase the fatigue-protecting drinks, yourself as the medlar red jujube tea )

at night

Don't recommend drinking too irritating to sleep until after dinner, but after dinner, you can relax your mood and help digestion. The women are all aware of the efficacy of eliminating poison and promoting beauty and beauty, and better understanding of the depression.

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