She's a cute little Japanese model, and her humor gives both Taiwan and Japan a smile!In their own hands, they are all happy and joyous in saving the world. The absolute optimism of the Taiwanese spirit is that the tribal village of Taiwan is connected, and the world forgets to forget the worries of the world by adding a little bit of idle joy to the world!

Have you seen the Interpolation Blog ?The soft and overblown Japanese lifestyle is like being followed by a real and unbridled lifestyle.On the day of the interview, they came into the office, and they walked into the office, just like the lovely characters of her illustrin, and suddenly appeared to make a jump.If you want to use the pattern to describe her, it's like the soft dot of a Japanese paper tape.In fact, this kind of connection is long ago the athlete of the Japanese workforce. It is even more like a Taiwanese dung who is handling all the lives of her husband, the king of Japan.When the Taiwanese lazy young lady encounters a large Japanese man who has struggled to work in Japan, what kind of a story do you think?

Taiwan Girl connects and draws the joy of transcend culture with her music!


"I never thought I would go to Japan, and when I found it, everything was natural!"The first half of his life was a dramatic expansion of the comic book.Marrying Japanese husband king king and then living in Japan, she then feels that she is so confused and confused from the ordinary upper class to the Japanese wife.Behind the envy of many girls' envy of a love story in Tokyo, the answer is more pressure on life: " Many friends envy me that I live in Japan, and I can eat and drink and buy and buy.In fact, you only know how different life and travel are."

The Japanese life, which is connected to the world, is beginning to be unfamiliar.In Linguistics schools, I began to work for half a year after graduation. Only when I was a housewife, I was able to be a housewife, and I couldn't find a job, I couldn't say it was bad, but I still loved to draw, and I wasn't happy to be old." In a foreign country, it is extremely necessary for the export to be exported, and the hand that loves painting is the chance to start writing a blog." Since there are so many things every day, why don't I open my own blog to record my life?As a result, the drop in Japanese life was not easy, and it became the driving force of life to take on.

With a cute illustration blog and Taiwanese readers share Japan's life, the courage to challenge life is also discovered.
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From a hybrid assistant to a Korean game company's role setup, to fight for your own breath, even if you're standing in the biggest city in Asia, then you never forget her favorite smile.

is not simple in the rigorous and stressmaking work of Japan, but it also needs to confront the differences in cultural barriers.The language that doesn't have a common habit of each other easily leads to estrangure, and the Japanese attach great importance to their relationship. It is because they learned the most humility in Japanese when they were assistant assistants, so that I could quickly integrate into the workplace."From the time of language to the customs, it is a very important experience in the life of Japan."When talking about Japan's first working life, there was also some kind of rain that was overdone by the weather." I feel that I am helpless and optimistic, and I am extremely lazy!For me, Lotdays, it's just the sky falling, it's OK!"This is the kind of optimism and crude nerve that enables you to take the answer to the enormous pressure of the Japanese workplace and not lose its heart."

Optimistic, which is the best way to overcome pressure!

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Now you have a time to respond to your own business, and when you have a time to adapt to it." When I had a drink the night before, I also told you the Japanese who were brother and brother, once they were working, they would adjust themselves to the status of ON, turn off all personal emotional switches, and turn it from close friends to the point of the first time.This kind of contrast has given the answer to the question of whether the Japanese are hard to open their hearts. "In the end I found that the Japanese didn't really mean it, but they and the Taiwanese have an innate" emotional temperature difference "."The real friendship is not to meet a few times, but to take the back from the other side," he said. "The Japanese are also deeply in love with Japan."

Girls, Not

When you talk about Japan, you start to change the place yourself, and then you start to enjoy yourself." Japanese girls are in fact strong, they value their space, they develop their own interests, they have the ability to talk to themselves."At the time of Japan, I had to learn to face life and allow me to take a lot of time for self-reflection."In the past, it was difficult to complain, but now she can see the goals that she really pursues from the difficulties, and it is even more difficult for her to worry.

recognizes the Japanese husband of the outside world, and the young boy in his heart, so that he can discover that he can be independent.
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From the Japanese girl, see also the "Aletter spirit" that is not lazy inside and outside of the country."Japanese girls are not lazy, both inside and outside, and they are ready for a better themselves," she said." Like a letter, it doesn't mean that a girl wants to be a girl, but to remember to add a little weight to her life." The strength of Japanese girls comes from their inner self-maturity.Skin and inner self-cultivation are very important to them."Learning about the independence and compassion of Japanese girls is also a clear direction for her heart," she said. "Our eyes are women's self-confidence in their eyes."

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recognizing that Taiwan is good only after the recognition of leaving Taiwan." It's cheap and full of human love, and where is the more precious island than Taiwan?But it is also because of the lack of a unique ability to look at yourself and to look at yourself and gain a more powerful opportunity to get away from Taiwan.She also reminds readers who have the dream of leaving the country, " regardless of country or environment, remember to talk to yourself before you can understand what you want; let alone be optimistic!"

If you see big waves, you have to smile more with a bigger smile!
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sitting in front of our eyes, like a little girl, and having the pressure not to fall for a happy day.The great difficulty in living in a foreign land is that they are all recorded by a very cute brush.She was optimistic that we would always find the easiest happiness in her simple life.Honey, are you trying to talk to yourself?Don't forget to meet big waves, you have to face up with a bigger smile!

About to live in Japan

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