When we move all joints of the body well, increase the cartilage slip between joints, there are a few very important advanced warm-up movements.The main purpose of the Advanced Warm Campaign is to help us to increase body temperature by means of "continuity, continuity of activity," extending and extending, as well as having a good preparation before the exercise.

These actions are different from the "lacing" actions of our general idea.Ordinary "lacing" movements are static and do a point in a fixed posture; however, today's demonstration is a "dynamic" stretch of activity in maneuvering manoeuvres.

All action playactions are available from 10 to 12.

One, alternate balance.

This is a preliminary action side decomposition diagram.The knee angle of the forward bending is 90 degrees, and the knee head cannot exceed the foot tip of the same foot.

This is a preaction positive decomposition diagram.When the body is rotated, the shoulder rotates back at the same time, which drives the neck and eye to move back at the same time.

Two, extend.

Action on provisioning action

If the exercise person has not yet been able to place the palm flat on the floor, then use the maximum bending ability as the start, and do not try to force too much effort.

When you crawl forward, move forward with your hands and feet slowly and straight forward, keeping your back straight and straight, so as not to make the force of the wrong pivot.Round and back, 10 times round trip.In the same way, if there is no way to do it, then it will be the right thing to do, rather than the number of movements, if it is done first.

Three, kick before

Action 1, prepare the action.Find a point that can help balance the power, either a chair, a higher point of the window, or a cabinet.

Swing the leg forward with the natural pendant position and speed to swing back and forth.Unilateral 10, right and left actions.

Four, Side Kick (dump)

The diagram is a provisioning action.It also lighates a certain fixture to balance the body.

The same principle as action, just throwing it at the side.The left and right sides measure ten times of action.

V, Balance.

Positive Decomposition action.

Side Decomposition action.

Take my own practical experience, and before you lean on the body, breathe deeply, slowly and slowly, and slowly adjust the speed of breath under the mouth of the mouth.

If you have difficulty maintaining a balance at the beginning of the lab, you can try to start with a fixed object with little help first, and slowly practice.

Six, front and half squat.

The diagram is a preliminary action

While playacting, notice that the upper body is vertical and not to be inclined as the legs exchange actions.

Seven, drive down.

Positive Decomposition action.The act of preparation is somewhat similar to Spiderman, which is the extension and stretching of the lower half of our body.

Side Decomposition action.Remember, the distance and position of the two legs is not the same.

8, Lower Squatting.

Positive Decomposition action.Ready action, double-feet open up to twice the shoulder width.

Side Decomposition action.

Double-knee bending angle of 90 degrees when squat.This action is very helpful to the hip muscles, the beautification of the thigh line.

Nine, go down and down.

prepared action, double-foot opening is slightly wider than shoulder.The forward down action should be slow.

If you exercise this action at the beginning, you don't have the means to touch the toes, then start with the degree of incompetence.

Now, everyone has the right warm knowledge.Before the next movement, don't even have a rigid body, and before you raise the temperature, you suddenly act as a cramps.A few minutes of small action is a great help in life, and together, you can stand up and move.

About the correct knowledge of the exercise
> > Thirty seconds tells the right perspective to sit down together
> > Let's move together!No Time
> > Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Sport

Oral: Michael Punschke
Photographic/Text Collation: Zeng Fanin .He was born in Munich, Germany, and is dedicated to the bafaphotography.