Combined by the Singapore Fireman TV series Pei-hsu the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor Liao Chia-chih, and Singapore's Singers Li Nan-sin, New Hong Kong, New Hong Kong, New Hong Kong, New Hong Kong, New Hong Kong, a young and youthful youth, a mercily-friendly youth, a combination of affection, friendship, betrayal, justice, gang and so on.

Life is not perfect. If it is on the edge, can there be a dream?

Come and see < We are not perfect > the movie teaser, have a dream come out!

Jianhao (Wu Jinwei) personality impulses, and he and his mother (Jiang Zuping) grew up in single-parent families.In the school, Zach (Fang Wei Jie), Jianhao's death party, and he was often bullied by the gangsters, Zach encouraged Jianhao to join in the hostile mob.

The nog (Li Pei-hsu), who has been secretly obsessed with Jianhao's mother, Huifang, has a history. When he learned that he had joined the gang, he tried to persuade him to turn back to the bank.

The life crisis of the gang is four volts. In a certain conflict, Jianhao and Zach don't seriously hurt the son of the rival gang boss (Liao Chi-chih), and begin to escape. Can Huifang and his help in helping their sons be taken out of the control of the gangsters?

Cheng Wei-wen, Hong Kong's number one director. He joined the TVB TVB in Hong Kong in 1984, when he was an assistant director.Since 1989, there has been a series of showcases in Asia Television, such as the "Dating Yang Day , and " Dating of the Zombies ", the" Country of Love ", and" … Night Central ".

Recent Singapore TV dramas & Sons > have been on record since the beginning of 2011, and [we're not perfect] Reinterpreting the triads' rebelliy and helplessness on the screen of Li Nan-sung, Wu Jin Wei, Fang Weijela, in the dramas.

Singaporean New Generation Actor Wu Jinwei, interpreting puberty teenager

Singapore played the role of underworld leader Li Nan-sung

Kong actor Liao Chi-chih wins best actor in Hong Kong's Golden Image Award for Best Supporting Actor

Taiwan actor Jiang Zupin, the mother devoted to his son's love for all of us

For the first time, Li Pei-xu, who has won the heart of Taiwan in a unique, funny style, challenges the black movie first!
Bruce Lee: Special Interview with Li Pei-hsu!

We are not perfect

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