Remember to watch the time when the rhino's wife >, the little girl was watching the TV at night?When Taiwan's idol began to stir up a fever in Asia, a man's funny jokes always made us forget, and even because of his unique performance style was attracted by film directors. If you don't forget the little Sterne and the rhino's Hao Conde, you must remember that he — always a man who was always a man of joy, and Li Pei-hsu.

Jan 11, Li Pei-hsu, who first challenged the role of the marginal person, took the Singapore Black Road " We were not perfect and was once again humorous.Lee Pei-hsu, who is in a dilemma of perfection after growing up in a movie, is going to share his new life with you on the road of his cast.

Ig Lee Pei-hsu

When you enter the interview, see Lee Peashi-hsu to greet womany with a friendly smile."Hungry?"What do you want to eat?Li Pei-hsu's face is completely untiring even though he just concluded his visit.When he approached the lunch time, his first concern was that the staff member, such a sweet and friendly atmosphere, had a warm and warm atmosphere.When talking about this new piece of work, Li Pei-hsu says, is not perfect the first time I filmed the black film, and the first time I've interpreted my older brother's black brother.I'm so excited and so excited!"

Bruce Lee describes his portraying Noguo as a counterpoor character.In the past Noago has been vicious, but now it is willing to keep a loving woman running a roadside stall, and even help her lover's son find the direction of his life." I like to have a level playing, Nog is.Although he seems to be funny, he actually has a lot of stories in his heart.So there was a scene in which Nogul remembered the mistakes of the past and cried in tears, and made me feel very touched.The contrast between the two of them attracted Li Pei-hsu, who also revealed a lot of stories behind the funny appearance he was good at.

Leads or adversity to

In the past, Li Pei-xu, who was in the costume design department, never thought he would become an actor in front of the artist." My first movie was a comedy, and at that time, I didn't even try to figure out how to do it.It was only when I suddenly realized that I was able to enjoy the performance.

In the process of this epiphany, Li Pei-xu's most forget-forget-rich man is the teacher Zhou Mingzeng." He taught me a lot, and after I met him, I finally started to become an actor from a passerby.And there's a great person on the way, of course, when you're being denied, " I've just been unable to look at it, but I've been thinking about it backwards, and I'm inspired by adversity.Like my mother, I always said to me, " ” adversity is the one who can make you grow.“

When you talk about the hardship of the process, the support of the mother not too much pressure and love is an indispensable force for Li Pei-hsu." My mom and I are like lovers, and she always tells me the real big truth about this.Li Pei-yu's mother, who is like a lover's mother, is a shy and happy smile on his face.To continue to grow and thrive, and to enable parents to lead a better life, they are one of the goals of Li Pei-xu's efforts today.

Where to do so, is Li Pei-xu's life philosophy

Bottom of Bottom "

What do you want to do, like the spirit of what? From the time of Li Pei-hsu's student age, he can see the beginning of the English language." If you learn English, you can't just read and write but you can't hear it.Do you know why I'm always accompanied by English when I'm funny?In fact, it was always practice.When he learned English, he insisted that he was bumping into the name of Li Pei-shu when he was funny, and insisted that he was even more of a request for himself." If you want to do it, you have to do it, but it doesn't mean it is goodEveryone is different from the good standards, so I only insist on the bottom, I can't support it, at least I have to be worthy of myself."

male or male is not important. The character and level of character is the best thing that Li Pei-hsu has pursued.

Not a limit when acting is yours

" If there is a man selling oyster noodle, he is also selling raw fish slices. Would you like to eat his sashimi?"When we asked if we were afraid of being afraid of the funny image, Li Pei-hsu used his unique humor approach to break the myth."" I'm not afraid of being stereotyped, because it's like a trick, it's yours, it's always yours."I have the role of making fun," Li said. "I like to try something different."I have two important points in choosing a role. One is the role that has never been played. The second is that the more the opposite, the more effective the role is, the more I like it." Both men and women are not important. The character and level of character are the best that Li Pei-hsu has pursued.

To play a role, you must first imitate, observe, and then create it. This is a performance experience accumulated by Li Pei-hsu in the last few years."Even as now, I will take part of the spirit and look at the visitor from an objective point of view, and imagine the response of the other person to decide the response.""Born to observe and logical reasoning is a major boost for Li Pei-xu's life," he said.This time the film industry saw a different world, and it also gave Li Pei-hsu a new insight." I hope that one day my oyster noodle shop owner will sell the raw fish pieces, and everyone will feel good.

persevere to walk

Bruce Lee describes himself as a multiplayer and counterparty, and this may be his only reason for the multiplayer character." The actors need to cut themselves, and then build on the characters they interpret by sharpening their own personalities.In fact, Li Pei-hsu is a part of his own, and his longing for the future is that he can one day play a full part."When I imagined the future, I wanted to have a house that was designed in a place far away from the community, lived in love, had its own garden, the parking lot stopped its own car, and there was no profane and fame.""

Why do you want to live a life of a gourd and drink?Li Pei-hsu said that he was also young, and he was forced to give up his own principles in the face of the values of his predecessors and the world."Even if we have to give up, some principles must be adhered to," he said. "As long as we stick to those ideals, I will be able to identify myself as Li Pei-hsu."And when we wondered what was the principle that we couldn't give up and let him retain his own principles?" Wow, you got a point.Ha ha, let me keep it, let me keep it secret!" We talked about Li Pei-hsu, who was in a state of mind. He laughed and laughed in the face of his face.At this point, we also saw the most authentic.I know how to maintain my own persistence, so that Li Pei-hsu can clearly depict the ideal of the future, and also know what he really wants to be.

This moment when Li Pei-hsun laughs at his face, we also see the most authentic.

Proud to be me is a tattoo on the right arm of Li Peu.The tattoo, who accompanied him at the age of 23, reminded him of his insistence on losing his way.Li Pei-hsu has the courage to challenge the long road of perseverance." Thank you for the people who keep me growing up and getting to know my own.I hope that one day I will be able to bring about a positive force to bring about a little change in the world."

In the face of the world, perhaps we must hide and even abandon some of our own.The real sense of self is that Li Pei-hsu can insist on the power of the present.What about you?What is the principle that you cannot give up?Listen to your voice, please!


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