The Japanese film "Penguins", starring Wang Chuanshi, Japanese actress — actress, was as the "dream of a true love story," and was called The Real Love Story of the Founder of the Fantasia.

< On Ishigaki Island The dream of a true love story of the Founder of the Founding Founding Founding Founding Founder and the True Love Story of Bank Love.
Come and look at the trailer and experience spicy and hot happiness.

In recent years, Wang Chuen has won the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor for the first time. is also the first male lead actor to perform in the 's " Penguins the first of its in the , also the silver and silver the .

story describes the husband and wife of Chinese nationality, who first lived in eastern , and decided to settle in Ishigaki island was in the same . the film, first in , and the Japanese film Wang Chuang-chi said, It's a good time for him to get a chance to get him to This time, his new film will be screened, as well as the one that he is taking, well as the "Chizai" of the Incidental " TV series, and also cheers for him.

The silver couple who are good at food, and also like gourmet cuisine, go to visit every day during filming, and have a hard time working in the cafeteria, often enterate people to eat in the cafeteria.The silver and the silver couple said would spend most of their at , and that they would have to go to , and that they would like to have time to to dock at the Mucha Zoo.

womany has also made a special trip to the press conference site. Let us listen to the interesting little stories of Wang Chuani in the course of film shooting!

Q1. First challenging the big screen, how do you feel about the need to make movies in Japanese?

Chuanji: My Japanese has only the foundation's 50-degree scale, and the most important thing to overcome is to understand the meaning of the speech, so that the role can be fully interpreted.But the staff and the directors were happy to help me understand the words and the script, and the actors and actresses who worked together even made me understand that they would not be limited by language. We could communicate each other's thoughts through their eyes and body, and we could also learn from each other.I felt that the two weeks of filming were like a sponge, and there was a new experience that allowed me to learn from it.

Q2. During the film shooting process, is there anything that makes you most impressed?

Chuanichi: The way in which the silver couple is being watched with your own eyes has actually changed a lot of my love's view.In the past, I was more of a man. This time at the set, Mr. and Mrs. Bank were always patiently listening to the words of Mrs. Bsilver. I think this is true love, and I am willing to let myself pay for each other.

Q3. This performance opportunity has been inspired by what you have learned in the performance of the show?

Chuan1: The play of the film is very different from that of the puppet show. I think this is an opportunity for me to start learning more ways to interpret it apart from the occasional dramas.The chance to perform was also to enable itself to learn more of the untouched part of the show.My father knew that I was finally happy with the big screen, and I thought it was a new milestone for me.

will be released on March 8 and the new airport in Ishigaki Island will be completed on the previous day. By then appreciating the food and the beautiful scenery in the film, the people of Taiwan will be more convenient to travel to Ishigaki Island.

March 8 Don't forget to go to theaters to watch the < the penguins and their brewery brewery!

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