" Everyone has a superman in the heart of each person, and 's always one person who will make you try to change your mind."

The first transpired comedy of the Spring Festival on January 18, produced by nine knife-writers, Huang Li-cheng, director Chang Chin-lin, and MV director Chang -lin's film" The Lives of .

[Change in body] The story describes how the younger brother was always protected from childhood, and was a superman's , who a superman.The show was once red and half a day, in recent years, the episode has caused ratings to decline due to the old story.The generation of Superman ( Superman ") became the idol," while the FACE became the most popular idol. " But the Iron Man lost its future. How the unemployed superman revitalize the performing arts?Just wait for you to enter the theater!

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Chen Po-lin

Change in character , the "Kindon" portrait "18 Bronchman ," Pervert "in a minute, and dressed up as" Staff "and" Bwr " The shape of the /> is certainly changing as a result of 18Not only does he have no regard for his image performance, he has a key shootout. also forgets the tinnitus of his earrings, and his hair is scorched. Superman is so inextricable, and he is so sweaty and uncharming, he says, "Superman is really bad."

Not only does not count as a performance, it is also a big test for Chen Po-lin's martial arts. There was a key firefight, and he forgot to wear the earplugs, and after the gun was fired, he was seriously tinting. The powerful gunpowder even caused some of his hair to be charred, and was quite close to the fire." was the first time I was shot by a gun," said Chen. "It was really scary, but I thought it would be worth it if I looked at the show on the mon I felt it was good."" the hardest part is to wear a heavy superman running under the sun," says " Superman is heavyweight and tight, and I've been running for a couple of hours, almost almost dehydrated. Director Chang Chen-lin's praise of Chen Po-lin: " you have a cold and diarrhea, you have to hang on to the hospital and hang on to the hospital," says Chen. "'s really a real engagement.""

is for

, Chen Po-lin disregards the image of the 18 copper people!

Chan Po Lin plays the Superman "Iron Man" in the film. As long as the road works, it becomes a superman, and the act becomes a favorite of the performers and the staff.What exactly does "change" and superman mean for each actor?

Chen Po-lin says that in fact, every person is constantly changing every day. For instance, he is an actor when he works. When he returns home, he becomes the son of his parents, and when he faces his girlfriend, he becomes an individual boyfriend." I think it's becoming someone else's needs to make them feel love, and I think this is the most important thing to do."What is his image of Superman?""I think real Superman doesn't need fancy clothing, bright underpants, and most important of all, we need a sincere heart to help those who need help," he said.

Monsters on the Offensive

Chiu Yan-hsiang, who plays a monster in the
, has a hard time in the and Chen Po-lin.

Mr. Allan Chiu, who is in red with the ads, has recently been performing with partner Chen Po-lin in the Shun Path. Yen-hsiang, who was once worried about his own backstop at the time of the shooting, did think that the two men's partners would complement each other again. natural performance also made the new prime of the new Admiralty movie star: He was a born actor! "muggy" of the two men is not far from the reality of life, and the almost no need to cultivate " is a complete reality.

Qiu Yanxiang not only wore more than 10 kilos of monster suit " in the

, but also served as a sandbag to be followed by Paolin to beat up every day.Qiu Yanxiang's knee, which worn by a monster, cannot be bent, and the heavy tail the "one" in the film makes it impossible for him to sit and walk freely. If the Superman is so hot, the beast is stuffy, and the smell the sweat and the smell of plastic is really stinking, "he said." The farther away I am from the beast, the farther and better!"What's amazing is that Chiu -hsiang has difficulty walking from the very beginning, and he can be admired by his ability to wear a monster suit on the last scene, and to to the position of "selling force" to the position.

"Monsters" and "Beast" are actors in "Superman", the two are even replaced by brothers. When the director selected Chiu Yan, the once suspected that he was the only one who appeared to have the most dramatic in his life.Although second time he collaborated with Paolin, Chiu still confessed to the "great fall" before filming. I'm worried that the gap is too big, "says Chiu." But after I didn't think of the official shooting, the tacit agreement came out, and the way she was, he knew how to bring me into the situation."The two people often talk about the lyrics before they start shooting, he said." Because of the good relationship with the drama group, are now 35 sky files, and he frequently goes back to the drama team to perform."

A comedy performance, a major breakthrough for Yen-hsien, a little bit of character, and a little bit of a little bitterness, and little bitterness in role.Chiu Yen-hsiang has done nothing but a "monster" , and Yanxiang, who stood outside of the camera lens, was too deep into the scene and saw the pain of the injury of Burin. director was satisfied with his true feelings and revealed his true feelings to the film.

15 years L.A Boyz is another combined

L.A. Boyz (left from the left, Huang Li-cheng, Huang Li-cheng, Huang Li-cheng, Huang Li-cheng

Huang Li-cheng was a film producer for the first time, and his younger brother Huang Li-wen (Steven), of , needed to force to play the of a three-level actor from the United .Mr Wong said that Steven was a doctor in the United States, and that was struggling with death every day, so he could make a lot of fun.He has been working hard for more a month, and he has worked hard for more than a month, he used the toilet paper to create an effect. If you ask him, he will say, "I don't have a plug, it ’ all real." (That's true.

In addition to Lin Chi-wen, Huang Li-cheng and Huang Li-cheng are also in a corner of the film. In particular, Huang Li-cheng's form is laughable.Director Chang-Lin says that he is a fan of L. Boyz himself, and that he had bought every school year. first time that film directors were able to make them work together, it was the dream of a dream come true. It's very difficult, " said." It's very difficult, says . "At present, we have no idea. If we want to look at our bodies, we will go and see them."

The A dog is also an actress with Chen Berlin

Po-lin, was a member of the "Iron Man", but became integrated into the "Iron Man" character." The film industry is optimistic about the power of change, and it will be released from February 1 January 18, confident that the film will be extended from mid-January to the Spring Festival period.

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