All campaigns are springing forward, winning, and only tug-of-war, for glory, is to step back step by step! A simple rope that is tied to the fate of ten ropes, with hands clasped, sweat and tears, tug-of-war with her opponents, and their own future. In their own way, these girls are the pillars of each other. They recognize their fate, because their own destiny is in their own ….

, a moving story behind the victory of the Rennie of the Rennie's World Championship, will move on to the big screen on February 8 warm-blooded screen Ten rope-force girls who acknowledge their fate and change their fate with sweat and stamina and prove their resilience to the world, can you miss out on the warm-blooded interviews with America , Zhang Berri

, a storytelling story behind the team bravely winning the World Championship, and
the big screen on February
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Spring Ying (Guo Shuyao), a child from the countryside and her grandmother raised her in school. The majority of the children came from the camp. Most of the tug-of-war students came from single-parent and economically ill families.In addition to his physical and psychological challenges, the young and the girls of Chunghe and the tug-of-war effort, with sweat and stamina, are pulling out the World Cup champions and proving their ambition to the world.

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story of the US team is not only in the form of a movie , but also a team manager Guo Sheng updated his hand to write a new book, until he dreamed of the tears of the Rivers of the Technology and the Mangers. Apart from the first sales and related events at the 2013 International Book Fair, the dream comes up to the dream: The Rangers of the United States team, Coach and actor Zhuang Kai in the movie "Zhi Yao," Shuyao (Yao, Yao, ") saw what they learned tug-of-war team, shared the stories of the hot blood of these girls' blood.

In this discussion sharing session, Jing Mei team Guo Sheng-Kuo talked about the process of fighting with the children of the river team. I have encountered many difficulties, I have always maintained the children of the " tug-of-war team. they haven't made any achievements, I will be sorry for them. Rope-force girl Hsu is currently the primary school sports teacher. She starts with a coach from junior high, and is the oldest member of the coach, and the most effective way to get out of the train. Takenori says that although the coach always scolts, it is hard to say, in this way he cares about them; " the other rope girl, Li Boonlin, shares the meaning of tug-of-war.After she was injured, that the tug-of-war was so important to her. that time, I hated to hurry up and help the game!"The tug-of-war Church has been held responsible, and has also changed temper

In the movie "Zi qi" performance of Kuo Ke-chi, who plays in the film, , 's the purest and purest persistence of the tug-of-war team. " Yiu Yao, who plays the ropes, also says the was moved by their purity and effort, and that they were able to bring her back to her original self. and the "Chi" director suddenly came to the site to give flowers and liked to say that the film was read with a new book. The true story in the book has touched him even more.


brings a great gift of profound significance: Champion. In addition to making the tug-of-war teams have a strong and strong team, I also wish to wish the women of the United States Divers in the 2013 World Games in Colombia. The team will be successful!

describes a group of golden years of ambition, agglomeration and hope that can only be held between a rope, a girl who can not be allowed to let go, and a coach who always shouted and drank, and all of the things done. This will be the most inspiring story of the 2013 Lunar New Year in the Chinese Lunar New Year, directed by Zhang Baorei, who will bring you my warmth and warmth.


Release Date: 02/2013

Leader: Zhang Baie

Director: Guo Shuyao, Zhuang Kai, YANG, Yu Youfang, Chen Youfang

For more information, see: Official Film Pink



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