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Thank you for making me a more knowledgeable person

" People who know nothing about love.I don't understand the fact that we don't do it.People who don't understand don't know what to do.Those who understand it can love and care, and can understand the ….The more we know about one thing, the greater the love.People who believe that all fruits are as mature as strawberries and have no knowledge of grapes.-Paracelsus, 16th century philosopher

Dear, you're addicted to me

Addiction.Addiction is a symptom of every love story that is based on fascination.At first, your admired object gave you an intoxicant delicant, and you never admitted to need it --- a powerful and romantic stimulant.Soon you began to yearn for that kind of care, just like any drug addict who was thirsty.When you don't do it, you get sick, go mad, you go to the next stage. You're shaking in the corner, and you're only sure that you want to have that one more time, even if you sell your soul or your neighbor." --- Elizabeth Gilbert, < Enjoy!One Person Travel >

We are two imperfect perfection

" I don't really love you with my eyes, I see thousands of mistakes on you; but my heart loves the eyes of the eyes, spoiling it, ignoring the sight of the face." --- Shakespeare's <14th love poems >

You are the best of love

The perfect love is the one that can wake up the soul.Love, let's get closer to each other, light the fire that we yearn for, but the mind is calm, and that's what I want to give you forever.

love can't be explained by science (but you can still look at our Love lab column)

"The gravitational force of gravity cannot be held accountable to those who fall in love."" --- Einstein

I love you more than I love you

" I find new ways and new reasons to love this woman I have loved." --- Geregory.Roberts,

You are my wings

"Do you still come tomorrow?"I want to draw another one, and we can fly together.The feeling of love, like this, seems to be a little bit of a bliss, a little happiness, a little bit of an incredible beauty."It's always a little Xia.

Kiss you more than a thousand words

"Kiss you, it's nature's impulsiveness, it's time to stop being a sham." Kiss is a much deeper love." --- Ingrid (Sweden, Actors)

Love, it's not that miserable for the world

" We are almost impossible to say that the two people love each other because they look at each other.But it's true that people love it, and it's just like that.The rest of the yeo is just everything in the rest of the yeo, and that's what happened later.No more than the two souls gave a strong shock to each other when they exchanged this spark of fire." --- Hugo,

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You, you should want to see me too.

I want to see you, but please remember, I won't ask to see you.It's not because of pride, you know I'm not proud of you in front of you, but because it makes sense only when you want to see me.


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