• Write a love letter to express your love with the Lomiography/Valentine's limited edition!

• Diana F + Bound Me and You-Use a classic Diana F + recording romance.

• Diana Mini speaks for your sweet talk-to give this mini camera, bravely and sweet to show love to your lover!

a love letter to you

Do you still use flowers and chocolates to show love?This year's Valentine's Day, Lomography, prepares Diana F + and Diana Mini Valentine's Day qualification version, and will definitely make the person who receives it unpleasant surprises, and even more sweet and happy!It is the most appropriate choice for Valentine's Day to wrap up a cloth-side package with a message of love. The red, red-nosteless flashbulbs, Diana F + and Diana Mini, are the most appropriate choice for Valentine's Day!If love is not a good news for you, I hope that this camera can express your heart for you!

Diana F + Bound Me and

A classic romantic, mid-range camera Diana F +, best suited for this Aesy Day!What is more, more drunken than the sweet moment of a square photograph a fantasy At the romantic night that is worth commemorating, the Diana Flash of the Anciance is perfect to capture every moment.If you want to prepare yourself, your loved one will definitely be happy to give you a lot of kisses!

Mini speaks for your sweet

A little tip for someone who wants to give you a secret love?A diana Mini, a message of love on the fuselage, show your mind!The on the fuselage release the love of your heart, and take a different view of her from your most unique angle.Whether you can take 36 pictures of the main square the format of format, or the half format of the 72 pictures, you can keep the most precious memories for you!Love is Analogue!

Offer Information

Diana F + Love Letter NT$ 3690

Offer page: http://shop.lomography.com/diana-f-love-letters-with-flash

Diana mine Love Letter NT$ 4490

Catalog entry page: http://shop.lomography.com/diana-mini-love-letters-with-flash

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