In fact, girls' thoughts on love are sometimes hidden in small details of life.If you want to open a girl's room, you might as well understand her bedroom; now, if you don't have the chance, don't worry about it. Let's take you a look at the five styles of girls, how they are in their hearts, and how long they might be able to embrace the small private room that they sleep every day.


Careful lightly, talking about the heart of the Macron girls.Sweet and delicate, however, she is sensitive and delicate. For love, she is expecting and afraid of getting hurt. The most important thing is to have a sense of security in the sense of security.Her beauty is like a dessert that is full of Chinese beauty, and it is easy to make people feel that it is easy to make people move.But it is the love that she is willing to pay when she is able to tame and cherish her hand in her hand.Only true love can enable the Maqalon girls to have no time to live.

The white, lace, and classical styles of housework are the Dreamgirls' Dreams of the Marka girls.The focus on detail and refinement is just like her delicate mind, and it is only through careful observation that it can be found in the detail.

Essentials of the most recommended rooms for the girls and womany in the Macaran:

01. MACABOO Macron Screen Wipe /02. Small tree tea-point shelf /03. Gluct-shaped candle /04. Glass dessert house (small) /05. Sound. like. Chocolate 72 % black chocolate headset

amusement park

"A happy life for the prince and princess," which is a fairy tale ending with the belief that the Paradise girl does not change the truth.Like Snow White, she likes little animals. She has long hair, long hair, and has a good heart, as she is a beauty and a beast.You can say that she was a collection of Disney princesses, and that personality was really super-simple. It was naive to believe that even if you were in a rotating wood, you would have a perfect plot to walk left to the right.Her room is a castle and a paradise.

Of course, the children of the amusement parks in the room are also going to have to make a big mess of their children's hearts.The rich fairy tales, as well as animal dolls that can be seen everywhere, actually maintain a large proportion of childhood furnings.Sometimes, child interest is also an old one.

for amusement park girls, the most recommended room in womany:

0 1. Merry go round Rotation Trojan clock /02. Fairy Tales Cup Mugtail /03. Squirrel Flower Machine /04. Rotating Trojan Rings /05. sleepwalking fairyland rotation paradise maxcup

rock and roll

If classical music pursues a harmonious average beauty, rock and roll only wants to break all the rules.Who says that a girl can only be a pink love and a bow, and then sit in the room and wait for the prince to come.Her love and love are not obscure, but she doesn't like to be confused, but she falls in love with a strong and humbling, and she's a dazzling and carefree way.Even though the impact was easy to hit, rock and roll girls still insisted on taking big strides toward the happiness they wanted, and bravely to do it themselves.

Rock and roll girls with their own ideas, disobeying, and having their own ideas, are not boring in the cold.The line is set in a tidy style, with a monochrome system making it more of a sense of texture.The exterior looks cold and hard, and it is a bit of a boy's atmosphere, but it is not easy to show up with a full-cavity passion.

For rock girls, womany's most recommended room:

01. POLAPOST Photo Frame Postcard /02. CITYSKYLINE City CD shelf /03. British Summer Fingle-Rock Metal Glametal /04. Black Life Series-Chloc Notebooks /05. Pikka Pikka Snake-year-qualified cleaning


"The world's farthest distance, I'm standing in front of the world, but I don't know I love it."Most of the time, it is because it's hard to make it in the heart.But if you fall in love with a little painters girl, she could really be the last person in the world who knows.Some people always say that her antenna can't receive information about love, but maybe it's just not the same frequency as her.The world of her life is the center of her life, and she always lets her focus on the gods and not her eyes.Despite the recent popularity of 3D, if you want to get her heart, you go into her colorful world of comic books and go back to the old world.

A piece of work that you like is the best decoration.The room full of paintings and photos is not a small painters.She was immersed in the art world, and she shared the love of a house with her.

Prerequisite for young painters, womany's most recommended room:

01. Macau Sky Fall Macau Sky Cleaner cloth /02. Afternoon Tea Cartoon tea bag /03. SOMEBODY WILD wild celebrity notebook /04. /05. Building block-shaped innocuous crayon group (13 color) Stack-A-Doodle

Small Wizard

The most beautiful, just you, the most beautiful of her little elmace in the sea of flowers. Her disgrace, and only the people she loves, can see.For her, love is a garden feast, nurturance, and a good time to enjoy.Although she is in the world of flowers, she doesn't even have a heart. It's just a very young lady.In front of people who like it, you just want to be a little woman around him, and then use her tenderness to melt you completely.When the spring is warm, the flowers blood-bloods, and how to make her happy with the flower of your heart will require your sincerity and heart to warm her up.

room, the room is less than the pink or warm colors, and each corner has a different design. In particular, the boudoir of a little girl's room is very tidy. She is also very much in the room for her own room.

For small, wizard girls, womany's most recommended room:

01. Blossom Blossoming Series-Handbag /02. Natural microwind garden collar necklace /3. Silicone-styled Pure flower /4. English garden style close-fitting Mini Me Bag /5. Flowers with fruit forks

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