March is the month for women, except for the International Festival 38th Women's and the Women's Images Association will stage the "Three Heighted" Women's Festival Film Festival on March 8 (5) to March 10 (days) at the point "The Chinese Film Pavilion".Apart from more than ten domestic and international top films, the festival plans to map out a "custom", "non-family" and "dream of awakening." The film hopes to present a variety of life styles, such as family, dream, and family, and to give a new look to women of different past.

Women's fan, women's fan,, is also working with women's film festivals, in addition to hoping that more women will know about this free film festival and provide a series of selected lifestyle designs to the audience of the film festival series.As long as there is a press conference during the festival period, tickets will be available for the draw, please refer Three-Eight Shines Gender Official !The good design offered by womany is:

Let's take a good look at the highlights of the" 38 Flash Gender " campaign together!

Festival Information

Festival: March 8-10, 2013

International Film Festival: The light spot Huashan Film Festival (No. 1, Secondary Six Film Festival)

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Eight Reasonings

In recent years, the government is committed to promoting Gender Mainstreaming.Because the concept of "men and women" has been slowly digestiled in times of change, single mothers are still vulnerable to poverty, diverse family, gender violence, and deep-rooted inequalities in the role of women.

388 Information

At the time of this spring warming and the March Women's , the International Women's Festival Film Festival will be on the sidelines of the International Women's Festival at "The Sunshine Filmhouse" at the "spotlight on the Chinoshan Film Festival."Starting in February, the festival will also have a series of activities such as the "Three Eight Triels" and "Good Concord Chitty," which are expected to be filled with hearty moves and rewards in the beautiful March day.During the festival, the film festival will show the top choice of film and film, and explore the various struggles between men and women in the family, emotional and life choices, and the promotion of gender and gender consciousness in some concepts.The film festival will map out the three themes of "Good Practices", "Nonfamily" and "Dream Awakening". Through these three themes, the film will echo the women's role and social responsibility to address women's role in modern changing society.


Good practice:

To explore the false imprisonment of gender roles in traditional social and folk beliefs, and to break these unequal norms with concrete actions.


Inexplicity of the division of labor in modern society, intimate relationships in non-traditional families, emotional identity, and violence resulting from alienation and injuries among members of the family by parent, parent, and child.

Dream awareness:

shows women's autonomy and awakening in pursuit of their dreams, while embracing their dreams, and how to face the biases and frameworks in the gender roles.


Muse Platform

Director: David Redman

Ireland | Color | 77min

as a model is the dream of most girls, and one of the best ways to escape poverty.However, if reality is not as good as a dream, should we abandon or continue to pursue it?The film recorded a girl who traveled from Siberia to Japan and the United States to a dream of a one-round fashion, experiencing many real-world challenges and environmental risks, and sacrificing the appearance of beauty.Should this road continue to go down in the face of a dream-like extension?What are the costs of realizing dreams?

are – the steps

girls are taking the lead in the – of a hostess

Director: Tsai Chin-ju

Taiwan | Color | 34 min

In the spring of 2007, an instrument of history rewritten in Changhua's shanh temple.Hsiao Chiu-chun-Hsiao's first female principal in 100 years, has been using the experience and energy of the women's movement in Taiwan for years to chisel the walls of the walls of the walls of the traditional and patriarchal culture of the ancestral temple.On the day of the ceremony, the men from all over the world attended the ceremony to witness the event in person.The courage is her hat, and the practice is her shoes. And the robe, which is full of sexual equality, is the dream of gender equality.

on a

Love on a bike path

Director: Nicole.Van.Coss Cranko

The Netherlands | Drama | 3min

On the birthday of the 38th birthday, Claire sits in front of her window and looks at the road, quietly listening to the warm congratulations of friends and relatives on the phone.Her life is transformed in the chapters of life and in the four seasons.When she was dependent on her son, she faced her lover's cold and hot attitude, as well as the inextras between her husband and her husband, and tried to choose his own path.The rhythm of this film is fast, as if a piece of life and love in the city of films in the big cities faced the struggle of women facing single parenthood, close relationships and work.

Memory Impact

Director: Clautia Lehmann

Germany | 24min

Anna is constantly having a gruesome nightmare, in which she was beaten by a man, and she had been haunting her for a long time.One day she met Erin and found her acquaintance, and unexpectedly found that Erin and her son had been beaten by her husband.While searching for evidence and hoping to save Irene away from violence, Anna slowly realized that her and Erin's fate was close to … …."The film explores family violence, high camera techniques, narrayons, smooth editing, excellent sound effects, and suspense, and suspense until the last second.

Hainan is experiencing the Chaozhou

When Hainan is experiencing Top Chaozhou

| Drama Color | 81min

As the saying goes, Hainan is the best husband, and Chaozhou women are the most beautiful.When Hainan Tsai met the Chaozhou sister, the two people who were not familiar with each other were complaining about the fate of a Bra from the sky.He put bra as his own, and she posted a search of "Bra", and finally made her roommate happy. She suddenly killed her younger brother, and his younger brother's soul came to join the Bureau of ….This is not a typical romantic comedy. There is no serious social complaint. It's just concentrating on the loneliness of the two sexes.

Master Lion

Director: Hung is in play

Korean dramas | Color | 20min

Butchers are obsessed with gambling, and often beat up wife virginity.The neighbors' mother-in-law looked at it, but she urged the firm to eat beef and viscera before she could have a strong fight against her husband.One day, after watching a documentary about the hunting of a female lion, she quietly made a decision to decide … …."The film had a subtle injection of black comedy elements in the domestic violence issue, and the camera was stunning, with a 20-minute focus on the viewer's eye." The perpetrators of violence will eventually be subjected to violence.Is the figure in this story a victim, a murderer, or a survivor?"


Chi qi

Zhang Baoren

| The Drama | … | 90min

are … and backward, … they have to pull back the ropes.From March 8 (5) to March 10 (days), don't forget to go to the light spot Huashan Film Hall to see the women's elegance!

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Data Source: The Women's Image Society official

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