Everyone says that it is difficult for a cleaning official to break a family business, and there is a dispute between husband and wife, and what and married-related follow? to get husband and wife, let a professional lawyer tell you!

A few days ago, it was the case that clients were extremely interested in having sex, and not only bought thousands of strange sexual aids, but also took all kinds of aphrosistive drugs and resorted to genitalia to enter beads.The person is often involved in the sexual behavior of /her spouse, in blood bleeding and unbearable pain in the lower body.If the client refuses to have sex, it is immediately hit by a fist. When the client turned to me, he even said, " There were times when I felt like I wanted to die!" There was a lot of fear in her mind at that time.Apart from harm, is no shortage of threatening words, such as threatening to break the leg of the party, or to grab her hair and crash into the , to make love to him all day long. The physical and mental health of the person is extremely deep.However, this client, like a common traditional woman, has made for the husband and wife to open their teeth. I am sorry that I have been unable to make a fool of my family, but I have been so disgudous for ten yearsHowever, as a young person, they can cooperate with each other, but with age of age, the physical condition is not as good as before, and the number of times that the number of that the person has been beaten and beaten up has become more frequent, with the number of times that the person has been beaten up, and the number ofThe client could no longer tolerate the physical and psychological mistreatment of the spouse, and therefore appointed a "Grass" (Grass Law help her fight the divorce. It is true that such divorce proceedings are not difficult, as the person the case is guilty of a significant criminal offence, mandatory intercourse with , having sexual intercourse with the spouse's will, and convicted of "rape"), that is the case of the crime of "rape".

Civil, where one of the spouses is subject to cohabitation and other important matters, it is difficult to maintain a marriage and so on. Please refer to the court for divorce (article 1052, paragraph 2, and Reference to the Act).In the circumstances of this case, the chances of the court being granted a divorce are significant. On the other hand, the typical case variable for divorce is that if the husband and wife are still alive, they want to give the a healthy that the child have a father or mother .

Even if the court is likely to have a high probability of divorce, the person involved is not a lamp that saves oil, begging for , crying, kneeling, and so , to restore the heart that the client wants to go.
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font-family: new fine body; font-size: 15px; line-height: 26px;">, the husband and wife have fulfilled the obligation to live together.If a party refuses to
with an obligation of cohabitation without good reason
, the other party may sue for the fulfilment of the obligation of cohabitation If one of the spouses is determined by the decision of cohabitation, the obligation to live together in this continued state, and without the proper justification for cohabitation, even constitute a divorce by a malicious of the Civil Code of 1052, paragraph 5, of article 1052.In practice, even if the obligation to live cohabitation is not mentioned in it is difficult for the court to maintain a marriage by difficult to maintain a marriage, provided that it is long enough (at least one year) to be separated.The reason for reasoning is that sex is one of the rings of cohabitation, which cannot be reconciled the other. But it affects the quality of the life of the marriage, and even the basis of trust between the two sides can be shaken, and the marriage cannot be sustained.

More commonly found in practices such as rejection or exclusion from spouse in relation to sex abuse is more common in other practices than daily "doing" or even sexual abuse, such as amendment or divine instructions, heavier spousal experience, and diswillingness to cohabitation (more theoretical Sex Behavior), Foreign brides "do not do" because of factors such as age of their spouses, fear of pregnancy, husband Shen's online game, and so on. The court does not "do" and "not do" as long as there is coordination between the husband and wife. "sex life is a" convulsive " number, which is not quantified. Marriage and life are two personal things. There is no room for anyone to go to the beak, except for the exception of the problem of violence .

Sexual abuse, anyone who is evaded by others, is a flock of people.No right or wrong, the two people who are willing to fight and want to be next to each other can be able to match.When couples do and don't do it, others have a high sense of sex, and others lack interest. The test is whether the tacit understanding between husband and wife can be

marriage Of course, it is impossible to be a romantic fairy tale of the prince and princess who lived happily ever after. Life is a simple and trivial problem of , child correction, pressure, domestic work, and seduction.In times of hardship, the test is the two sides power, endurance, and intelligence.It is the value of marriage life that can be realized through the support of each other. the case of family relations the family must have more than the enjoyment and tolerance, so that a successful family life can be achieved.

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