's wife, 's wife, to go to the Wolf Mountain Battalion to save his .

film describes how seven sons have sacrificed their lives to save their father heroic stories

A few days ago, the first broadcast of the trailer, Yang family's battle against the Golden Beach, the two wolves of the two wolves, and the war scenes of thousands of military horses, were the strongest in the spring, and the preferred film in the spring.

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director's role in setting up Yang San-lang was like a wolf, but had a sense of distance between the characters and the audience,

Tsai's personality is not very good at the time of his personal personality, but filming the Yang family feels the warmth of his father, Zheng Shaoqiu, Big Brother Zheng Ijian, and other brothers, so often eat with each other and play with each other.He said that after finishing the work on the first day, the riding sun "is over the day, and he can't help but say," I , " I wanted to play the opposite. Look at Yilahara, who is so handsome, and it's like we are so miserable."It's really straightforward to say," he's ." Tsai says that Zheng Ejian was really a big brother. He had several times when he was working, but stayed to watch his tricks. He was impressed by his spirit of support. two people were waiting for the show, Zheng Jijian rode his own little scooter to kill time, and asked him if he wanted to play with it.Paparazzi also had a heart to try, and the of the two was like a brotherly nature.

At the end of the film, there is a key mountain of grass on the back of the film, and the film is a very difficult one to .Tsai says that a large amount of grass appears beautiful, and the reality looks like a blade of a knife. "He wants to take a bow and arrow to run and run. He doesn't know how much he has been cut back and he's been cut back."" good news is that the director and the public are strongly liking, and" makes him feel that everything is worth it."

Tsai says that the director doesn't want the actor to display the cool and heroic actions of the actor, but to present the true, real, tough, and final soldier's sense of authenticity. This film makes him more aware of the importance of the family , and also wants the fans to feel the spirit of the martyrrels.


film, Wu Zun and his portrayal of the Seven Lang were kneeling, and half was attacked by his father, Cheng Shau-ch'i, and Wu Zun had a strong muscle, and fans had a good eye for a woman.Wu Zun said that he was worried that the nudity would be very deliberate. , after communicating with the director, he knew that it was a need for the plot, so it was easy to agree, but that it would never be revealed.Recently, "The Fishing Line" has been taken out of prison. The Fishing Line "seems to be hidden. Wu Zun laughs," The is cold and cold, and we are punished, and our pants are not going to be so low. I didn't even notice!He helped GQ cover the cover in February 2010, and was exposed to deep human fish lines. Although he had three years to go, he remained in good shape. He was a standard "bodybuilding control."

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Mr. Yang's father, Shaoqiu, returned home, and the men, who were close to the door, were caught up by the leader of the Sawers, the duo, and the a major duel with intense excitement.Wu said that the film was only five minutes away from the film, he on the ground by a third of a few days. was not only bruising on the inner side of his leg, he was still sore in his thigh

Master of the

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Rangers ""

Yi, Chou Yu-min, Wu Zun ", and" The Seven Lovers " are good-looking players, the drama queen is a rare sight. and Wu have a lot of emotional dramas, and the pictures appear to be beautiful. But when she was filming, she fell into tears and cried to the pears, and insects such as moths, , and so on. Even though it was just a string, it wasn't easy to play it.

Liang-chou, who

Cheshire Master "and Wu Zun's" Yang Liang-zhao ", has planning to marry, and the men to send troops to the two wolves to fight.

two years, has begun to taste the films, she says. " This time we have a mobile toilet and a make-up car, she says.'

As for her, how would she be willing to play in her role as a leading actress?She says that even if the film is not too much, will be willing to perform. The only regret is that she is not able to play with his childhood hero, Zheng Shaqiu, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with the two people in the future!"

Cheng Shaoqiu plays the Yang family, the Yang family, and the seven awesome sons have a good match for the game

, Shyu Yang, who the




's son,
Chiu-kin, Jie and Jie In the play, the scene is a combination of the superpower and the superpower The "Young Yang" will be released worldwide on April , 2013!

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