Our heart is not in the middle, and the usual hands are on the side, and the foot on the left is larger than the one on the right.There are a lot of things in the world, and all of them give equal love and love too much, and life without love is not interesting.So we have a preference, a hobby, an interest.For him only, for him to insist, give him everything.There are many things in the world, and they always get hit by one of them.We can only set out the following five types of people, welcome to the seats, and together, we can always be rightaway and be moved by these beautiful things.

Beauty is a good one

"Man is a day of food", and if you feel that you can sleep, you can't have dinner.Friends say that you are an active food plate, and you are right to ask if you want to find a good food.The most important breakfast is bacon, bacon, and vegetables, and even less a cup of hot coffee.If the time was really too late, it would be a good day if you came to the bowl of cereal milk.However, it was a great deal for the family and their own personal cuisine to eat all over the country.As long as the other half is cooking, no matter how it is, it must be sitting next to the tableThe dream of the heart was to become a family member, and to feed the loved ones with one hand, they also satisfied themselves with their taste buds.

a. for the coffee cup , b. For a diet bowl , c. Peacock Puppster Set , d. Lego Machine

intentionally love handwriting

It's like runaway wild horses, each of which is a favorite, and the pencil sharpens tip.Even though smartphones and wireless networks allow people to connect anytime, anywhere, the distance is not necessarily closer.When you find a piece of information in a mailbox, you can be happy for days, and God knows who to write and write in this age.The beauty of the paper's short-and-long, long-looking beauty can only be seen as a precious thing to be remembered.When everything is smooth and smooth, the sand and sand that are written on paper are still irreplaceable.Although the hand-written characters are of varying sizes and inefficiencies, they still prefer handwritten to print emotions, and in writing they write in person, whether or not they have a long, long, and enduring warmth.

a. Photo Frame Postcard , b. , c. KITTY d. KITTY fountain pen

just love music

without pleasure and no pleasure.When you hear the playing, you can say who sang it, and you can see that one of the MV's screens will know which song it is.The moment you liked to push the CD to the boot of the drive, it wasn't until now that it was still digging in the record's head.Earphone is a personal requisite, along with the road chasing the bus, the mass transit system finally arrives at the company, and then continues to work with the music.Singer-in-singer's concerts are all in your form, and spend countless important days with you, and also keep your inner little universe ready to warm up.Music is a necessity, and it is a supply.

a. Card with Zero Packets , b. Open pay , c. Magic pencil earphones , d. phonograph laptops

just like photography

The most beautiful picture is often the unintended moment, and is willing to spend more time with the pursuit of this scene.There is only one pair of hands, and the number of cameras is almost all packed.In the case of other people's questions, you think that it is just like a woman's wardrobe that is always the same problem.The other half of you who like to take pictures are born with a pair of photos, and you can't make fun of how to laugh.Although the camera has pains in the hands and neck, the eyes are numerous, but the best picture of the person can be rememsable and remementuous.

a. SNAP! iPhone camera protection shell , b. CARBON ONE Mini Digital LOMO Camera , c. Camera Bab


There's a movie called "We Buying the Zoo," and the whole piece of it is like completing your wish.At the beginning of the day, he liked to go to the zoo to surpass the playground and love the animal channel more than the cartoon platform. The money was devoted to the Pini and pudding dogs instead of King Kong or Barbie.On the road, they found stray cats and dogs looking for shops to buy food and feeding them, and then to give them all the 18 of them.Although we can't really buy a zoo, there are all kinds of street cats that are gathered and adopted, just as happy as having a small paradise of own.

a. Snix Bull Dining , b. polar bear frame necklace , c. SOMEBODY WILD wild animal notebook , d. Deer heat preservation cup

Whatever your heart, all eccentricity, all eccentric, is love.For the love of love, we have a focus on our lives and have become happier.If your heart still doesn't know where to go, then it's okay to love yourself, so that other people can't help but just get off the side of you.If your heart still doesn't know where to go, then it's okay to love yourself, or whatever love it is, it's beautiful.

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