From a gay marriage in France, you can see the gay marriage process and look forward to a day when everyone can be faithful to the self and finally love those who want to love.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013, the French National Assembly passed a second reading of the same-sex marriage and adoption bill with 331 votes to 225, followed by the same-sex marriage bill, the ninth in Europe, and the ninth in Europe. I was deeply moved by the French legalization of gay marriage in France January of this year, " the French Lyonnais , in which he marched on four to 23 days.Because I know that this is a significant step for the French people.Why is France so hard to pass a gay legal marriage law?I am afraid deeply entrenched Catholic faith in France.

France is a state of of church and religion (la ï cit é) , but Catholic thinking has long been rooted in the hearts of the people, and the Catholic Church represents the traditional values that the French have long been following.On the gay issue, the French Catholic Church has openly opposed the passage of the same-sex marriage bill, and called on the government to continue to uphold the traditional "one woman and one woman" family system. Of course, not all Catholics are against gay marriage, but gay marriage is not allowed by Catholic doctrine, and France's legal path to same-sex marriage has been opposed to unprecedented opposition.On January 3, more than 300,000 people took to the streets of Paris to protest, including a crowd of Catholics, Muslims, and right-wing political parties who opposed the legalization of gay marriage and vowed to oppose the government.On the eve of the passage of the gay marriage law on April 21, nearly 50,000 people took to the streets and firmly opposed the passage of the law.The legality of gay marriage has led to a severe tear in French society, with opponents and supporters taking turns to protest, while opponents attacked a gay bar or attacked a gay bar or attacked a gay event, hitting a new high in recent years, as opposed to the same as the attacks on gay people.

Anti-personas, the French President, Ollande, who passed the same sex marriage bill, is the enemy of traditional family values.

, April 23, the National Assembly passed a bill on gay marriage and adoption by a vote of 331 to 225 against the gay marriage and the adoption of the law. The passage of the French Gay Marriage is, in fact, the crystallization of the struggle that has been going on in the past 10 years. This is a time-consuming battle and a hard-won victory for supporters of the gay community and the support of human rights, and us know about how France is moving toward gay marriage.

Gay marriage process:

1. The PACS Civil Partnership Act

In 1999, the French Parliament passed the Civil Partnership Act for the "Le pacte cisil de solidarit é, which was the" two heterosexual or homosexual adult natural persons to organize their common life contract ". In addition to marriage and cohabitation, the creation of a new form of partnership is also a promise made by the government to the people before the legalization of gay marriage. PACS leaves out the red tape of marriage, and only needs to go to court to register, provide benefits and legal guarantees for same-sex couples to marry, and share tax and property distribution.As a result, not only comrades, many couples also take the form of this type of partnership.Although the PACS law has not yet permitted adoption of children, its passage to gay marriage is undoubtedly a major step forward.

2. The Protection of Gay Rights and Interests -- Olander's campaign promises

May 2012, during the presidential campaign, Socialist Party leader Mulder Olende promised that voters would work to promote gay marriage and adoption law and include them in one of the main promotion policies.

3. First Whistling of Gay Rights-Everyone has the Right to Marriage Act

O ' Lund, who was elected president of France, did not forget his campaign promise to spare no effort in the implementation of the same-sex marriage bill.On February 2, 2013, the French Parliament passed the text of an important bill in the legalization of same-sex marriage, which "everyone has the right to marriage."The National Assembly, with 249 votes in favour and 97 against, redefined the marriage as a combination of "two people," and not limited to "one man and one woman".

4. The Victory of Gay Rights-Legalization of gay marriage passed

On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, the French National Assembly passed a second reading of the bill on same-sex marriage and adoption by 331 votes to 225.

Gay Rights Event Book

Bertrand Delano ë Paris mayor, is a rare comrade in France's political circles.Before running for mayor, Bertrand Delano ë admitted his sexuality to voters in 1998, and hopes to eliminate social bias.Although he was stabbed by a gay man in 2002 and was hospitalized, he had not changed his belief in his gay rights.

La baisse de Marseilles. (Kisses of Marseilles)

In Marseille, on October 23, 2012, two courageous French women decided to close the wave with a kiss.One of the girls said, "We are not gay, but we support gay rights!"So we express our beliefs with this simple, pure action."

In January 2013, a couple of comrades in Lyon marched together with a pair of baby carriages in a baby carriage."We are not gay, but we support gay marriage and gay people have the right to enjoy happiness," he said.

' I'm sorry that I've seen you look at the same face." " Je suis d é sol é de vous montr ç a. C' est le visage de l' homophobie. "

On April 6, 2013, Wilfred de Bruijn, a same-sex partner, was attacked by unknown individuals in the 19th district of Paris, only because they were gay.This picture, uploaded by Wilfred de Bruijn, is a lot of exposure to the community and the media, but this is just the tip of the iceberg that comrades suffer from inequality and malicious damage.

On April 17, 2013, a gay bar, Vice Versa, a gay bar in Lille, northern France, was the target of an attack against the human being.

"L' humanit é n' a Process é d' inventer de nouvelles forms de mariage et de descendance."

Anthropologists Maurice Gaudelier disproved this argument in response to questions from opponents of same-sex marriage in violation of family traditions and laws of nature." The history of mankind is evolving, and the marriage system is also, same-sex marriage does not violate the laws of nature.And same-sex marriage laws will also help to open up to different sexual orientation, with homosexuality and heterosexual orientation as one of the sexual orientation of the sexual orientation."

In Paris, April 2013, everyone was entitled to a marrying rights march. The two women were dressed in white yarn, holding hands and holding a smile and marched with a smile.

"Comme apr è s le pacs, la France est plus belle."
On April 23, 2013, Congress passed the Marriage Act, which was the most beautiful decision made by France after PACS.

"Un nouveau droit, une immense liesse."
On April 23, 2013, the bill formally passed, and the parliament passed an unprecedented thundery.A new law, a new world."

Supporters hold champagne and placards to celebrate the long-awaited victory.

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delano ë said after the passage of the Bill, " This is a beautiful day in the history of France. Today's decision today is a great honour for us.

Behind these beautiful smiles, there are a few moments of heartache.This was the first time that the French National Assembly gathered in front of the French National Assembly in the evening of the 23rd.They loudly and loudly, and they attacked the media that they had passed as accomplices.A further action was taken to attack the media and to maintain order police, who were injured as a result.

The passage of the same-sex marriage and adoption bill is a revolution in blood and tears.Of course, the passage of the bill does not guarantee that future comrades will pass. We are not optimistic that there will be no more malicious attacks. Perhaps the radical opposition will continue to protest. Perhaps they still don't understand how much it will affect the progress of equality. But after this, we will know how important it is to speak out. We will know that love has many kinds, and everyone has the right to enjoy this love.

Gay is not alone, comrades everywhere in the world
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