Movie < Tycoon > Back to Sir Edward's New Year's New York in the 1920s, the same old soundtrack saluted the same year's grand prose. the 21st century, ask, "Well, what about New York today?"" About the world, you know the top fashion boutique , cuisine and art life . But would you ever want to come to the NYC Jazz Brigade and occupy the entire city with a note of note?

If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere. It's up to you, New York, New York!”
(If my dream is more developed here, then I can succeed wherever I go.)It's all up to you, New York, New York!)

A familiar prelude, you know that it is a famous song < New York, New York > .New York is not built in a day, and this "The Lord of the World" brings together the best musicians to "jam", a jazz trip The word "jam" in the United States carries the meaning of playing music with music)!Many of the , who are full of dreams, have heard of the most cutting-edge dance platform and display here, just like a curious child who has no way to go back.The local jazz life is very rich, and one club is the jazz and famous Hall of Fame.You'll often see pictures of jazz parents on the wall, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, and Charlie Parker, who have been glowing on the dance bench.heating.

If the city of New York is a movie, the score is not jazz music.The jazz notes are so willful that they are interspermally inserted into the New York life gap.Walking in the city, even street , MTR stations, people coming to Times Square, Fifth Avenue , are all blown off the saxophone of the saxophone.If you don't pick out the season to see jazz, it's definitely a vibrant summer!From June to August, New York City will hold a variety of outdoor jazz performances, and the Central Park Summerstage is a year's festival for citizens.Imagine an easy-to-man climate, with a free top performance, conference with a food flavor, and a full year of music addiction!By the end of August, there was a brilliant "Charlie Parker" Jazz Festival, which burned the jazz passion to the highest point.

If you still need a jazz music map, don't miss the three clubs, Blue Note , Village Vanguard , Birdland , which are required to visit. The three jazz halls have followers of loyalty by history, scale, interactive mode, and musical style.Blue Note, which is located near the University of New York, is not New York City's highest-profile jazz club, nor is it a history of Blue Note, a synonym for "pure jazz", not only in the Holy Land, but also for many of the fans.In addition, Birdland has a more unopened relationship with the god Charlie Parker.Birdland was named Bird, Parker himself, and Parker himself was actually present at the opening of Birdland Bird's Birds.

There is no fixed formula for travel, and when a person is hearing a rover, the experience of accumulating the city's own experience is more or less the same!Moreover, even in New York City, it's a brand new experience to play with jazz in a way that looks like jazz.The next time you hear the sound of Sir New York, don't look at the sight of the layman.Who says it's not professional ears to enjoy jazz?Serious things are handed over to experts, and we only need to be honest with ourselves and our bodies.If you need to put aside your worries and wobble, you will be invested in the arms of New YorkCome here, don't think too much, you can find the most wobbling of yourself!

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