As the saying goes, "There is no lunch in the world", but if you think you are beautiful, you can get a free meal at this restaurant!

This is not a "Sister Qualifying" offer, a restaurant called Spooleto , launched by the International Women's Day on March 8 this year, when each female customer will present a mirror to the customer and ask: " Do you think you are beautiful?"As long as the female customer answers," I think I'm beautiful!"You don't have to pay for this meal."

Each girl has its own way of expressing beauty

This activity, in addition to hoping to attract female customers to the restaurant, also hopes that women can discover their beauty through the mirror and say it out loud and tell them that:

It is a reward for self-confidence, self-recognition, and self-recognition.

Memories of the launch of " Woman, a Beautiful ", the "Dove", the "Dove" campaign in April of this year, have been used in a variety of activities. A sketch artist who specialathed the portraits of a police suspect in his own words and "The main character seen by others" described two different portraits of the same person.These portraits, after comparison, can be found, and the protagonis of the protagonis differ greatly from others' views.The interviewees are unthinkable after they see portraits, and have recovered their self-confidence from them.



We always see the weakness of our own skin, feeling that we are never good enough, but what do you see in real life?Look at yourself in the mirror, but don't negate it. This time, we have to start with the beauty and praise that we find ourselves!

Discover your beauty
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