At a time when a bikini is in a bikini, does it feel comfortable?

As the summer approaches are growing louder, temperatures of more than 30 degrees per day are reminders of the fact that the seaside is fast and comfortable.But is it not possible to see the dream bikini swimsuit, or is it not able to break through the mind and show the beauty of health?

According to the survey, more than 80 % of female friends feel awkward when they wear a bathing suit, most of them because they feel exposed to other women's 'censorship' or 'judgment'.Although they can't control other people's attention, they can enjoy the sexy magic of bikini as long as they are prepared to do a few of the following.

1. Close your heart to the eyes

The people who appear in the pool as a cool bikini are all looking at the swimming pool. Is the focus of attention being melted?Indeed, it is not like in a country that is relatively open to the people, it is very attractive to put on a bikini in Taiwan, but they are praising the body and self-confidence, rather than the kind of moral arguments that have been speculated.Please lift your head, and it is worth the attention of the public!

2. The choice of Bikini is half of the success.

Everyone knows that if the work is done, it must be advanced. If the size of the chest is smaller, it will have to be 100-fold. Conversely, if you have a beautiful leg and tie the string, you can show the advantages of the string.Spend more effort to test the Bikini for his own body , even if it is not the latest wave of design and style, and will be the most familiar jeans that are most familiar to them, regardless of whether they are in a few years or a person's boasting.


cost of maintaining beauty a price. Of course, this is not to save us for days and days, and then for half a day's vanity.In fact, the real and energetic summer days of summer and summer are all with the right movement and the concept of food and drink.If we can exercise our body for a long time, then we will naturally fall in love with the bikini!( Thirty seconds to the correct concept sit-up with )

4. Compare with yourself

Everyone has a flaw, and always misses the point of not being like a magazine model. It should not be what the " sexy" would do in the imagination.Whether they care about height, skeleton or complexion, embracing innate imperfections is only a real winner and a real sexiest thing to compete with.

5. It sounds paradoxically paradoxically paradoxically to a bikini

there are many women who do not actually have a bikini.Try to imagine how sexy it looks like a little piece of cloth and a dangerous cut in a bikini with a small piece of cloth and a dangerous cut, and I miss the comfort and the sense of security the swimsuit of the .If there are doubts, we can test the design of bikini in the home first, and then discuss the sharing with friends.By contrast, the more you know about the kineschini, you may find that nudity that is close to itself is also a fashion

Now we know how to get out of the most comfortable bikini, though it's easy to talk about it, but as long as you are willing to take the first step, the dream of Beckaia is not far away!

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