1950's golden age , hope, freedom, and imagination are blossoming around the world, with a improvised, stylish trends, and charismatic, charismatic, spring-summer, JumpFromPaperer , the golden age of the golden years, and the most beautiful days of your life, and the unraveling of the boring bridling and activating the adventure Party.( JumpFromPaper )

JumpFromPaper published a special planning for the spring summer of 2013 to bring you back to Paris Fashion Week . The JumpFromPaper has brought you into the free and interesting age of 1950. The two seventh-grade designers have been practicing 2D for the past 2D, with a classic dot, a bold, uncharisical paint, and a Regeo Rivets, which is a return to the golden age of the Golden 50s.

[Everyone wants to keep the best of time]


TIME MACHINE family , 6 with generous dotted dots and striped design to recreate female playful personality elements, and choose black and white, red, blue, classic mix, and smart design for a new season shows an elegant look, with two men's handbags and a combination of paint, rivet, canvas and other materials. It also shows designers who want to share the fun of the children with the fun of the box.

[Forensage-style and fashion-style continues to grow around the world]

Breakthrough traditional fashions, fashion, and less serious, less serious JumpFromPaper make people use playful ways to create their own unique personal styles, while also delivering a kind of attitude and advocacy that is not blind to the public, not to be afraid of others.

The bright colors, the comic strip's black box lines, and the unstoppable tip of the mouth. JumpFromPaper wants to jump off the frame with everyone and let the imagination run out of the line and make ghosts crazy.Let's take a look at some of the new works:

Cute Cute!Recovery Prerequisite Dot series

< Time Machine > Alice Blue and Red Jump tone

Ballerina ballet

Martini red and black high fashion

Absolutely!Stripe and Stripe Series

Swing-Swing Swinging

< Time Machine > Caramel Giamel Sweet Fashion

Jazz Black and White Time

The gentleman is in the right lane!Wicy, sexy and pre-requisite product

< Time Machine > Scott


The TIME MACHINE family in early spring of March, has been placed in well-known chain channels such as Isetan and BEAMS, and has been selected as the Taiwan design brand only 10. Paris fashion palace , Return to 1950, and return to the fever of the beautiful fever!

Sibling on the same farm!{

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