As temperatures are getting higher and the summer is coming, you want to look beautiful, put on a broken skirt, and put on a bikini to show youthful vigor?We all want to have sexy legs, but do you always worry about wearing jeans that don't have a perfect butt?I don't care if I wear a dress.It can only cover the trousers of the same size!

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womany invites everyone to join together with Japanese American consciousness experts to learn how to correct skeletons, to correct their bones, and to have a strong sense of pride and beauty in two weeks, and to show their pride to their self-confidence."(Special Offer: Skinny Before Summer!) didn't give up on

own legs, but she wanted to find out how she liked her legs.

We specifically capture the essence of the essence provided by Mr. Saito and share it with everyone. Let's show our beautiful legs in the spring and summer together!

Leg Tips: Face your own problems

[What are the weaknesses of your legs?)

There are many reasons for the thinning of legs, and if they are due to bone skew, muscle growth, or swollen, it is absolutely not possible to slim down on diet and exercise by temperance and diet.Take a good look at your legs, and what's important is to find out why the legs are thick.Please refer to the recommendations made by the table for different types of coarse legs, effectively sculpting the beautiful legs of the target!

Self Check Table

In the case of the next example, if there is a situation that matches, please specify a space on the right space.

thigh and leg
Double-leg, rigid edema
Left and right
The most finer parts of the ankle can be pressed with a finger
Meat above the knee
High body fat
Ham Hills
One to p.m.
essentially don't go to the toilet
Oest part of lower leg, near ankle

Find out which type of checks you have checked the most, and then compare the recommendations below.

Various suggestions for coarse leg types

A maximum of … … … … … muscle obesity

If this is a type of intramuscular rigor, the muscles can be hardened if the muscles are not covered by the fatigue after the exercise.This muscle is not easy to reduce, so use stretch to release muscle, and you also need to do exercise minus the fat associated with the muscle.

of the people … … … … … - type obesity

This is a fat-overweight type.The weight loss is not only to eliminate fat in the legs, especially in the thigh, which is relatively easy to attach to fat.Relaxation of the hip line and the coarsing of the two legs are mainly due to the lack of movement. So, let's go through the work in the book.

Most … … … … … Obesity

is primarily from edema relationships.Due to poor water metabolism, excess water is being stored in the lower half of the body, so in life, please avoid causing edema (such as cold or sleep deprivation, etc.).In addition, poor metabolism sometimes comes from the skew of the bones, so it is necessary to do a good job of orthodontics.

Once you understand your own problems, you will have a beautiful sculpture campaign with Sito's teachers!Together, we look forward to tomorrow's < US-leg Biblical > Get Mighs in the Mighs .

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Author: Chifui Saito,

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