We often celebrate the greatness of love power, thinking that a relationship can make each other happier and make life full of meaning and passion, just like the film

Tom Cruise told Renee Cigue to say " You complete me!"The magic of love and love is embodied in each other's trust and dependence, as if there were other people, and now, the lives of others, and of the future, are complete."

Before Angelina Jolie's Brave Breast Cancer Declaration , by Brad Pitt was written to give him "deepest love: Angelina Jolie " Although the authenticity of the letter was yet to be verified, we could still take a look at the romantic love of the star and the couple.Perhaps, there are some ideas that can be brought about by our own love.

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The secret of love

before my wife was sick.At that time she felt very nervous because of her work, her personal life, and the problems of her life and the care of the child.She lost 14 kilos, and she was 35 years old, and she was only 41 kilos (90 pounds), she was too skinny and often weep, and she wasn't a happy woman.

She has a migraine headache, and the heart also feels pain, back, and rib nerves.She couldn't sleep well, she often had to get to sleep by the day, and then she could easily feel tired all day long, when our relationship was on the verge of breaking up.

Her beauty was gradually removed from her beauty, and she stopped taking care of herself.She said no to the film, and refused to take any role in the film.I once lost hope for our marriage, and we thought we might be getting a divorce soon.

But at that time, I decided to change something.

Because of her, Angelina Jolie, the most beautiful woman in the world, she is the dream of more than half of the world's men (even women), and I'm the only one who's been allowed to sleep in her shoulder, and I'm going to change that.

I started to deliver her flowers, kisses, and praise.Every minute I make surprises, I give her a lot of presents, and I talk to her in public, and I follow whatever she wants, and I praise her in front of her friends and her.

You may question this practice, but the entire person begins to blossom!Now she has a better physical and mental condition than before, she adds weight to her health, she doesn't feel nervous any longer, and she even loves me more than before -- I don't know how she loves it so much!

Then I learned one thing:

The woman is the reflection of her love of men, and if you love her to the point of madness, she will also shine in love.

by Brad Pitt

Sometimes, Love is like a love song for a man and a woman , one main melody and the other, sound, if you're not on the bat or if you're not on the beat. The first is the six signs that are not worth continuing . The first is to look at the foundation of . href="http://lianhonghong.com/sadomasochism/xiang-xin-ai-qing" target="_blank"> Believe in love , believe that she can make a happy life and feel at ease with each other "because of love.""From now on, let's try the small cloth."

Blossoming love, Blossoming
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