Left Chart: Before, right: after the map.What's the difference?

The former troupe A younger sister has been criticized for not being of the same size as ever before , causing her unprecedented frustration. It is similar to the physio of this type of artist to replace their own talent and become the focus of the discussion.In addition to making people sigh about the difficulty of entertainers, they also make people think about beautiful definitions.Is the real beauty distributed the bottom of the heart, or is it through over-tempo or even computer graphics?The cover of a product ad or magazine, we are not only used to looking at the illusion of the image, but also with a skeptical attitude toward the body of the dream. At the same time, we are tired of looking at the beautiful appearance of a perfect, empty-boasting appearance.We have previously published an opinion from a news commentator in Macau: Please, give us back our appearance.

A British department store company Debenhams has stated their opposition to this "public secret" of the study.Debenhams believes that they have a moral responsibility and do not want to mislead young girls into thinking about "skinny pathology", so the promise will not be overhauled, but will only be slightly modified for the darker skin and the grumpy hair.

The procedure for common diagrams includes lean arms, whitening teeth, thighs, flattening the belly, deepening the shadow of the cleavage, and wrinkling the facial wrinkles.

To fulfill promises to encourage positive stature, they put on this unadorntable display of underwear on the Facebook fan page and comment on how to trim the body parts of the body, and, frankly, " we also think that the model is very beautiful." In fact, Debenhams was previously focused on showing a group of models that were completely different from the market because of the fact that they were in the spring clothing . What are their models different?Some are white hairs aged over 40, some height not up to five feet high (about 150 cm) or more than six feet (180 cm), and several female dies with confidence to show their stature after their amputation.

who love their own women are the most beautiful, whether they are amputated or larger.

We want other retailers to follow suit and encapsulage positive body-image through minimal retoxing rather than bomarding [consumers] with unattainable body images.
We hope that other companies will also join in encouraging aesthetic aesthetics to make the most of their confidence in the consumer's confidence through minimal changes, rather than the unattainable dream of being tired."

A company spokesman would say that because research shows that more than half of female students aged about 12 are dissatisfied with their weight, they have a slim figure like a model, and will lose weight in a diet of less than one meal. Although they change their way for children's health and values, there are few companies, but good news is that some clothing brands are changing.For example, internationally renowned H&M models a model model of the size of a pair of compasses of their 's seashore .

Jennie Runk is H&M A few models of slim routes and a rich and fat waist and thighs have no harm to her confidence in the lens.

However, the appearance of models and the display of large size models are premiss on maintaining proper movement and eating habits. It does not mean that we can afford to eat and drink without fear, and cause physical and operational burdens!As a matter of fact, the definition varies from person to person, and perhaps a bit of a suggestion may be a beauty that is more than a dream and in the direction assertiveness is right!

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