Kitty, People, and Encounters in the Heaters of the Heated Heart of this year

The Story of the Story

The family of a single woman who missed the marriage is a companion for consoling the soul after her death.She rarely comes into contact with others, and only her neighbors are tired of talking to them.She wears some tacky gas and shouts every day at the banks of the river: "Gid-Cat ~!"There's a cat here. Do you have any lonely people who want to rent a cat?The strange behavior often draws ridicule from neighbors and children, and jokingly calls her the "Aunt Cat".Originally she was selling the cat to let the cat out of hand, and the conditions were quite strict. In addition to having to go to the home to survey the environment first, she had to conduct a psychological interview, evaluate and confirm whether the person who wants to rent is really as Lonely as she is, and then the "Good Guest".

first encounter an older grandma and a cat; the second one is a middle-aged lady with an old man who is disgusted with … old man, Yoshigawa (photo …

is a regular, grumsy girl. "href=" /read/article/230 7?ref=read "target =" _blank " > harbouring warm film.Directed by the director of the [Gull Cafeteria] [Lealive Club], a single woman who missed the marriage and memorable the deceased grandma's wife, a supercute cat, a humorous interaction, and an encounter with each other, was found to be flexible and moving in the direction of the director.

script actually came from the director's own life, and she said in an interview: " I myself had many times when I felt lonely, and I was saved from my cat.So I was thinking, if somebody's going to rent a cat, maybe it's a good idea!And the story of how the vagrants and cats live together happily at the river, thinking that they could combine the two elements together, and so the story of [Gill] was born.

This is the sixth straight story, the unique walking pace, the simple narrative style, the transparent and clean lens, the character in the movie, the character in the movie, and the exquisite nature of the character's interaction with the character.Without the ups and downs, and without a heavy agenda, she has always been concerned about the subtle interaction and interaction between people and people, but there is no lack of smell.In a simple and clean shot, we are in a modern society . We are far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The film is soft and comfortable. We are taking the steps of a busy time to start to realize the beauty of life.

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