We often encourage you to: love, you need to courage! And it's a good way to offer an invitation to a heart object, and it's a good way to get close to each other. But if the other side refuses?

The initiative of an active centripeter is a matter that requires courage. Many people are afraid of being rejected, but sometimes the opportunity needs to be taken care of.So we have organized seven men to reject the possible causes of the problem, and we hope that we can help you with a lot of help!

1. He doesn't know who you are.

Perhaps we know him well, and maybe you used to be a classmate in primary school, but he doesn't remember!In the age of the Internet, we can indeed get a lot of small and small living information from the social platform , and may have been able to tell him through the information of the social platform, but forget to interact with each other from time to time, giving the other side a lot of impression.If you happen to be in this situation, then the thing to do now is: Let him know you! Proactively climbing, leaving him with a deep impression of your beauty.

2. Ask the wrong way.

When a nice guy asks you out for a reason: " Because my friend bet with me that I don't dare."Will we agree to it?"This childish questioning method is not suitable for us now, but when people are too nervous, it is very likely that they will be able to say that they are not as old as they are.If you're afraid of yourself, or if you really don't know how to ask, ask your friends around you to practice!And ask you to give you the most real feeling of feedback, and find out how you can ask him the easiest way to interview him!( The voice that should be biased )

3. His heart is otherwise

when he rejects you, not necessarily because of the relationship, but perhaps because he has someone else in his mind.Before, I see only you in my eyes!How do I become the only one? This article has mentioned that when some people fall in love with others, the brain activates the high-wall mode so that the eye can only see each other.So don't think that it's not good enough, maybe it's just because he has no other people in his mind now.

4. The location or time of the question is not right

The beauty of a woman with a pampered face, a background accompanied by an invitation to offer an invitation, and when all the atmosphere is full, the chances of success are naturally high.But if you were asked in front of each other's friends, the chances of success might not be so high, as a group of people might be staring at him (and even coaxing) waiting to answer, and the feeling of discomfort greatly reduces the likelihood of a promise.


is a world that promotes equality between men and women, there are still some boys who want to be the first to offer the first solicitation, a more bold role, rather than a girl who has the courage to do so.Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that he has a male chauvinism, which is probably just a point of his mind, just like every one of us has our own minefields.If you're not sure whether he's going to care about something like this, you might as well tap on side by side of his friends, or directly find the chance to "guide" him, and he will offer you an offer!

6. It is not ready to invest in a relationship

When he rejects it, it may be that he does not plan to engage in another relationship.Those who are willing to be so clearly stated are much better than those who are attracting opportunities but not giving a definite answer, because he knows clearly what he wants and does not want. If that's the case, then it's good to be a friend of his.

7. Just don't love social activities

Some people go out with a good friend (brothers) and don't like to participate in Social Activities.If you just like people like this, then it will be a bit of a hard time in the process of taking the initiative. Therefore, in daily life, you might as well increase the frequency of contact with a simple daily greeting, and then increase the length of time to contact each other, and remember to face him with an attitude of not being compelled to do so.A lot of people will eventually choose the other half that can get along with themselves.

Remember to be your brave drum regardless of success or failure of your own initiative!Because your courage has given yourself a new step, even if fails, it can be quite shed. And say, hey!I did it.

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