dreamed of being a professional football goalkeeper. In the third year of the year, the company was excavated by the company due to the nature of the selection of the school's gorgeous playboy.As a result, he moved from his favorite football field to a show he described as "very remote, very bright". Recall the situation that saw other "Camera boys" candidates in the past, and the project's acting to be frank and funny, "I want to go home!""This is the only way to get the world out of the world," he said. " It is a very good match.And the voices of the clampdown are different from other contestants' screams, and it is his turn to pop the roars of the football team members down.

Life as a show, such as a show.If one day, the script of life is coming out of the script, do you have the courage to improvise?

Indispensable White Rice Philosophy

How do you choose to face this unexpected opportunity and dream of a long time?He says frankly that some of the reasons for choosing models were actually trying to escape from the dream of a football that was not so good at the time.However, after the transformation of the runway, the model work was not connected to the other."How did you work hard at first," said the director, "'Are you serious?'"But I'm really serious about it!" The eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of theThis should a proof of the fact that it is not a good idea to be able to eat. Even in the entertainment industry, which is very particular about appearances, it also requires strength and experience, and the personal brand has long been in business.Although the frustrations at the work of the model made him regret one time, continued his efforts to different types of performance work, whether by hosting the company's tail teeth or television advertisements.After touching the play, he gradually found a place suitable himself , "I like to be an actor and a practical person," with a depth-and-multivariable play that gradually soothed his wobble mood.

It is realized that the face and body of the model's eyes are just a short one, and that there is an indispensable sense of existence to be the goal he pursues.

"If you want to be a top-level rice, it's like a moon."

Messiah has used Chinese to describe him as an actor.It's a little difficult to associate ordinary rice with tall, tall and tall, and so he continues to explain to us: "The smell of rice is so light and so unique, it's very simple, it's indispensable!"The feeling of a hundred-ride is like an actor who is acting like a performer.

From the model transition actors, Messionsuke is the strength of the performance of the drama, and the performance classes that have been used have forced themselves to be the first to be on the upper stage or the axis of the press." You can train your own resistance and guts because the first performance and the pressure on the pressure axis are very large.His efforts, in the last year of the North Festival Fringe, showed results in the fourth work of the Green Fruit Theatre in Chinese.

At the bottom of everything

makes progress in every stage of the development of Taiwan's development over the past five years, with the goal of making every effort to achieve it.The first two years focused on learning Chinese, followed two years of work in Chinese, and then took part in the first film, < World's First Maifang > , to play the champion of the Wu Baochun competition for bread competition.During this long process of waiting for performances and self-demand, we wondered, would he ever want to give up?How did it get through? he heard the question, he was suddenly silent with the eye of the smiling face, and the meditation of the story was only a moment when he was talking about his story." The process of thinking about being a professional goalkeeper was not so smooth, so at that time it was decided to be a model, and to be honest, it was a bit like running away from a setback." This choice leaves a small shadow in his mind, but also motivates him to face the bottom line of the challenge.

Whatever you touch, I can do my best to say I can't run away!"Because if you get used to running away from it, you're 30, 40, and 50, you're going to run away.I need to be able to make my own promises!"

Be brave to face the shadow of your heart, not just to overcome frustration and let us see even more real power.

To play the real role of Master Kesaki, who was filming the month before filming, he was familiar with the of the "Breadth" process.However, after a two-hour experience, after chatting with a baker, he lengthened to five in the morning and three o'clock in the afternoon. This is a high threshold technique, and it is impolite to a master if only a dragonskimming experience is superficial. Messier laughs says that while a long standing challenge to his proudly athlete's strength is also a challenge, is useful to the role and to reach the details of the director's request.

While the role of the film has been shaped as a proud adversary, he believes that "as a result of high demand for himself and others, you can't bear to see people and the environment."The character of the characters is very much like themselves. They are all people who have a passion for their dreams and are very simple.It may be a bit clumsy to other things, but in fact he is a good man.Also, because of the low number of lenses, at the other times of the set, he became another Japanese performer, and the "Master Wu Po-chun's Master" in real life-the direction of the "The Master of the Snig"." It's amazing that you used to be worried about your performance. But this time I wanted to help the old man to relax and help him get into his role. It seemed to be a bit of a forgetfulness, and the performance was more natural.

World First Formal Teaser

Help each other and inspire each other with a down-to-earth work attitude, and a goal to be achieved step by step with no personal relationships.Asked about the expectations of the future, he said, "The five years are trying and to learn from 30 " and "I'm going to make sure the goal is now."If you don't know how to live your life, try to give yourself time to search the coordinates, just like an eye-looking hero, start with a small target ; if you have made a choice, you can continue to do something about yourself.

Finally, we ask him to share with the readers of women, besides the favorite football game, there is no other method of pressure relief ."After all, it's hard to avoid a person who's left home far from home," he says. " It's hard to avoid the occasional low mood. At this point, you know what you're lucky to do to adjust your mindset."The life in Taiwan has changed his habit of saving face," he said. " I slowly learned to be frank about his emotions.In the past, there was no way to deliberately pursue or pretend to be happy. Now, you know how to relax your mood, and life is happy." "

On the seemingly obeyance path, the most simplicial passion of the hero is to hide.If your life script has come out of nowhere, or if it's uncommon or ordinary, trying to turn the shadows of frustration into the driving force of the way forward, and then to cheer on the initial enthusiasm.I believe that after step by step, everyone can taste it, and it is an indispensable flavor.

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