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After a weekend, returning to the office again on Monday, you may not have much time to see what has happened in various corners of the world!Today, five news summaries have been compiled for everyone to understand that in just a few minutes, some of the world's related issues, from politics to health to marriage, have different views from different media, challenging the past we have been using as a recognition of the past.Do you know that girls are better than boys in math?Take a look at womaany Woman fan Today's featured news!

Chinese Feminist Homeless Homelessness

2005 Ye Haiyan, a women's rights activist in China, founded the Chinese Civil Rights Studios in 2005. She has long been concerned about the rights of sex workers and AIDS sufferers, advocating the legalization of prostitution in mainland China.In May 2013, Ye Haiyan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Workers, raised concerns about the sexual abuse of young women in Wanning City's No. 2 primary school in May, and was subsequently arrested by the authorities for alleged stabbed injuries.After his release in early June, Ye Haiyan was expelled from the rented house by local police in Guangdong on 7 July, and tried to go to Guangzhou with her family to seek refuge in Guangzhou, and Professor of the University of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, Aisao.(Recommended reading: Lean In, Women's Conquest of Work )
* News sources: the guardians news

One out of every eight women gets breast cancer, how do you prevent it?

After Angelina Jolie's breast removal, many women are aware of the importance of breast cancer prevention.According to statistics, an average of every eight women will get breast cancer. If there is a family history or age increase, it will also increase the risk of suffering.The national health care sector plans to provide women with a high risk of developing breast cancer with non-steroid hormones for up to five years, according to the National Health Care Service (NBH).However, drug use brings certain side effects. According to statistics, about 12 percent of women are willing to use drugs to combat breast cancer.In any case, every girl should be concerned about her body and find the best way to cure her breast cancer.(Recommended reading: Angelina Jolie's Bravely Breast Cancer Declaration )
* News source: the guardians news

There are fewer girls than girls, but they are better at school than boys!

the proportion of male and female students in science is still wide, Pearson (a leading global education provider, with Penguin Random House Press) says that female students usually perform better than male students."When girls participate in these important courses, their performance is outstanding," said Rod Bristow, president of the company.This year, the number of female students at BTEC Level Two has been 130, but still only accounts for 4 % of the total.However, girls had 14 % of the highest score, and only 9 % of the male students obtained the certification.The Institute of Physics at the British Institute of Physics (the Institute of Physics) said that the university physics court in 3/4 of the country signed Juno Code of Practice with the aim of striking a balance between men and women in this field.(Recommended reading: Female Offensive Institute )
* News source: BBC

Apple iWatch may be designed by the fashion brand YSL

YSL Chief Executive Paul Deneve announced that he would leave YSL and move to California to participate in a special business plan with Apple.He disclosed that he would report directly to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in the plan.The media says iWatch will be an important milestone in the development of the technology industry after the iPad and iPhone, while Deneve's fashion knowledge will inject new bullish sentiment and bring more high consumer groups to Apple.(Recommended reading: Women of fashion, Vivienne Westwood )
* News source: the independent news

Not quarrel instead makes marriage better?!

The University of San Francisco studied 127 couples for 13 years, from the age of 40 to 70, and they found that the wives of longer married couples had chosen to escape in the face of some debate, and emotionally increased their feelings.They find that couples who are married for a long time choose not to discuss things that are not common to each other, but rather explore the beautiful memories they have.(Recommended reading: artist: Thank you for another half to learn how to truly love me )
* News source: TIME

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