Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said in December 2010:

Only very few women in any career in any country can hold high positions."

On June 25, the president of Louis Vuitton brand announced that since September 2013, the position of LV's Vice President will be Delphine Arnault, the president of LVMH Group.Her father, Bernard Arnault, who claims to be the most influential and wealthiest man in the fashion world, will be promoted to the position of President Delphine, who was originally only Vice Premier Dior.

Bold Decision, Leading the Wind

In 2011, Chief Designer of Dior, John Galliano, sparked a divergence of views on the Jews during her tenure, causing serious damage to Dior's image.Delphine decided to fire the designer, Galliano, and to invite the smaller male designer, Raf Simons, to be the chief designer."Assign Simons to be the chief designer is really brave, and this is not a candidate for the general idea, but it turns out that Delphine is right," commented Sophie Goodwin.If she leaves Galliano, Dior may not advance, or even innovate."(Recommended reading: startubage women )

modest leader

LV Chief Executive Michael Burke said to the media:" I'm happy and working with Delphine Arnault.I had the opportunity to meet with her professional attitude in her work and her seriousness." Burke also affirms the knowledge of Delphine in the fashion industry, and believes that her unique sensitivity to fashion will be the key to leading the LV's further development around the world.

Delphine is widely praised by the fashion industry, but it is very modest.After the Galliano incident, many magazines scrambled to cover it, but Delphine did not invite her, instead giving her younger brother Antoine to explain in front of the media.The fashion editor Sophie Goodwin also said, " Delphine likes to work behind the scenes, and she is very conscientious and very much respected.(Recommended reading: Companies founded by girls are more profitable!)To see five tech circles female GEM

Injecting a New Female Power

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook stated that only 15 -16 % of the senior executives were women (the data had not changed since 2002), and only one of the 15 top executives in the LVMH group was female.The majority of women working in the LVMH group are performing arts roles, such as Fida Giannini, who works as artistic director at Gucci.Delphine's addition will thus inject new female forces into the management and execution hierarchy of LV.

There are many people who question the ability of women to lead, and this shows on the data that only nine of the 190 heads of state are women.But from Delphine, we can see how women's power works in their work.She can handle and make the most appropriate decisions in times of crisis while she has the characteristic of a woman:

She focuses on details, high degree of sensitivity, and softness in others.

Perhaps women in the workforce don't fear that the female character is an obstacle, as Delphine is, instead of being able to use meticality and tenderness to walk out of their own way.(Recommended reading: Give professional women an incentive to love!The Family and Business Methods )

Women, Lean In, Women's Conquest of Work
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