On Friday night, they walk into the bar with their sisters and are prepared to release a week of work pressure.The beautiful, beautiful, you attract the attention of many people in the bar, and the men and women are very respectful to you.A man with smiles walks into you, and he says, "Miss, will your legs be sore because you've been running all day in my heart?"This pair of men's stories presumably ended when he spit out the conversation, and the boys themselves thought they had a high level of access to play, and in the women's ears, they were old and sarctic in oil chambers.What kind of a pick-up line can succeed in breaking the ice and making a deep impression?(Recommended reading: Chat with everyone: These are the untold mines )

Both men and women are the art of research, and often the opening line is the key to success or failure. How do you get the first impression on the first impression of a conversation that you have? In a foreign country, this conversation opening is called pick-up lines, and pick-up has the meaning of a “ fishing " (man / woman) in ”, and lines are the lines of lines.The pick-up line is an opening that you use when you admire a stranger and want to learn more about him / she uses it in an open and humorous manner, and pick up line shows a funny side of the joker.In the course of the conversation, pick up line is like a publicity case of your own. In a very short period of time, you sell yourself, and let your target audience feel deeply attracted to you.( Recommended reading: Chat with the four main the chat )

And a variety of chatter starts with a funny, funny, interesting start-up, is designed for Harry Potter fans, and with the devil's theme, and some very funny little lines of lines, maybe some inspiration for you!(Using the opening line of the film extension may also open a common film topic for you!) )

1. My love for you burnns like a dying phoenix.

My love for you is like a dying phoenix, burning

2. Without you I feel like I'm in Azkaban and dementors are sucking away my soul.

Without you, I'm like in Azkaban

You must be my division, because I am fully qualified.

4. I don ’ t need your sword, bow, or axe.I just need your phone number.

I don't need your sword, bow or axe, I just need your phone number

5. The fires of Mount Doom aren ’ t nearest as hot as you are.

The End of the Volcanic Fire is not even hotter than you

6. You must be a Ring of Power because I want to keep you!

You must be the Lord of the Rings because I want to own you!

7. You don't have ’ do that.

Honey, somebody better call God, tell him that an angel fell into the room!

8. " Can I have direct? " To where?" To your heart.

Can I ask you a path?" Where are you going?" In your heart."

9. If beauty were time, you ’ d be an eternity.

If beauty can be converted to time, then you are forever.

10. Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven.

Did you hurt when you fell from heaven?

Have you ever read the opening remarks of these humorous opening remarks? Are you even more confident of your talk?As long as you avoid the opening of the old, nothing new (cheesy), use a sense of humor to create a unique pick-up line that belongs to you, and you'll have a beautiful encounter at the end of the weekend. Try it on !

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