The previous womany shared the recent popular Coffee Cafe productivity , and today it is recommended that you two, both at home and at work, go to the DJ website.Opening the background sound of the cafe, plus the endless song of the netizens, oh, my God, it's like a real cafe!

A lot of people love the cafe, feeling that this kind of atmosphere can improve productivity , and it also gives you a little bit of a dream to stay.In the cafe, apart from chatting and occasional collisions, there is no more than one voice that the owner of the store has chosen to make.You should all have headphones, and you hear the experience of playing wonderful songs in the store, and that's one of the charm of the coffee shop.If you don't need your own arrangement and think, you can feed your ears with lots of good music, often because the sound is good, and the work is smooth.

I think it may take a few years to match the store owner's musical taste, and many independent music does not find the song that really wants to know by recognizing the software Shazam or ShoudHound .But it's okay to teach you today to teach you to be passive, recommend two very stylish music treasures, and make use of the poaching method to make work and living environments like coffee shops or lounge bar environments.

8tracks , a moving music for the present

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8tracks ∞ Symbols that describe it as an AC platform with an unlimited number of music, and you can hear more than 800,000 mixtape mixes and netizens from making a selection here.8tracks let you pick the music you want to hear right now, or one plus one choice.For example, when the I'm about to collapse at 3:00 p.m. , a little bit of "electric" and "party feel" music, 8tracks will find out the albums that meet these criteria.It's like rolling out a record row, picking up an album that looks like the most eye-looking album, putting headphones on a deaf world. Now, the sound waves are the most powerful. Lip and cure !

The most notable recommendation for 8tracks is that each album contains a number of good songs, one of which is broadcast by a first player and is really like being in a cafe and is suitable for use in the event of work.Ah, if you have a rich imagination (or control), you can accurately describe the music you want to listen to, and then you can enter the key words.For example, in the evening of a summer, when a friend of the world a good friend of roast meat, was worried about the lack of proper music, and when the scene was not enough, adding "BBQ" to the "Summer" and "Summer" netizens would make it the most handsome DJ.

It's interesting, but the music lovers of the taste buds are more like looking for the same in 8tracks, and there are people who share the same kind of music.8tracks also have apps for Android and iPhones, which is more convenient!The music that follows with a mood can be optimally released, no matter where it is.

My Pronograph , Pinterest of Music?

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Maybe we are all in Pinterest I'm going to take a look at the pictures you like, but if you ever think about it, maybe you could come to a music version of Pinterst a day.When the THIS IS MY JAM was launched, the topic "Pinterest in the music version" was created, and the site was really like Pinterest, with a picture of a picture, and liked to hear what it was listening to, and to track the interest of the choicer and publisher.

This webmaster is the spirit of the "jam" in the music, and remembers how we introduced jam in the American spoken word for playing music, improvisation ?Yes, the music is used to play, and to explore music is a process of great inventions, and one person can be very happy.

A friend who has a degree in music often looks for compulsive disorder. It's sort of like the chef's mother who's in love with the market to see what's new in the market today, and buy a Northern European experiment. (Find a North European experiment music album).If you normally like to find new music, THIS IS MY JAM is born of you.It stipulates that only one week of a week's music will be kept, and seven days pass through the full frame. It turns out that listening to music can be so fresh!

The most important thing for these two sites is to press Explore (Explore) to find music, and the discovery of THIS IS MY JAM is divided into four blocks: popular districts, new songs, rare areas, new friends sharing areas, and broadcast areas.I often found a good song in a rare area that was never expected to be expected. When I heard surprise music, I was secretly delight in the moment. I wanted to show off the latest discovery by a good friend.

Try these two websites, and then go to the cafe's background music program, really, even in the office, it seems to be moving to the cafe.It gives you a lot of inspiration and a comfortable feeling, and it's not going to notice the passage of time.

P.S. Through these two websites, listening to music, overtaking the taste of the owner of a cafe is definitely not a problem.It is recommended to all friends who love to listen to music and want to work with pleasure.

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