Put on a beautiful white wedding dress and walk into the auditorium, almost one of the girls' dreams.And when the two women walk into the auditorium with each other, will they wear romantic dresses along the way?(To see more happy postures: Happy Posture-World Wedding Photo Featured )

United States Supreme Court ruled in June that the law on marriage laws passed in 1996 was unconstitutional and lifted the restrictions on same-sex marriage, which could be said to be a milestone in the legalization of gay marriage.According to the American biologist Alfred Kinsey, the homosexual population is as high as 10 %.In cases where homosexuality is difficult to be defined accurately, this data can only be used as a reference.In the United States, the number of gay and lesbians marched in 2012 was as high as 50,000, and the Taiwan Partnership League is now committed to legalizing gay marriage.The legalization of gay marriage is no longer possible, while the human rights of Taiwan's comrades are gradually being valued.(Recommended reading: Comrade 202013 march in Lyon, equals now!)

The problem with gay marriage is that gay comrades should choose how to choose wedding dresses.In particular, it is not easy to select a suitable dress for a female comrade.During the preparation of the wedding, David David and Joy Evans, a gay couple in the United States, said she was really reluctant to wear a traditional white dress dress to the auditorium because of her perception of her own.She started looking for her own dress, but she often ended up walking into a male clothing store to pick up a suit that didn't fit into her or her size.

In recent years, there have been many clothing items on the Internet that are exclusively female comrades, and this has brought a great deal of hope to the female comrades.Tomboy Tailors is one of the specially designed clothing cards for lesbian, transgender men, and other consumer-style consumers. The founder of Tomboy Tailors, who had worn unfit clothes for several years, and the unidealistic service of the clothing store, decided to serve women who would like to wear men's clothing.In addition to typical clothing, a swimsuit specially designed for lesbian women is sold on the Internet.These new brands bring a great voice to lesbian women, allowing them to display themselves in real life from their clothes.

Since then, we may have another new vision for romantic weddings.It is no longer just a man and a woman in a white suit and a white yarn walking into the auditorium. It can be two girls, one with a beautiful long skirt and another dressed in a good-looking dress and a good-looking dress and a sweet and good-looking dress to enter the marriage.(Recommended reading: tale of wedding layout )

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The author of this article: womany editorial/Janice Wei Wei Jia-Jane
data source: New York Times
Picture Source: Tomboy Tailors