Don't you find it strange?Why is it that a female star in front of a firefscreen can still be so beautiful after having had a child?Why don't you see it in detail?Is this body really what ordinary women look like after the birth of a woman?

The answer is that most of the answer is not.

Believe that women are both in love with the United States and the postpartum women are no exception. They strive to achieve the female stars as slim and slim, but what are the real purpose of being yourself?

About 50 % - 80 % of postpartum women tend to have symptoms of "low postpartum depression", and about 10 % - 20 % are prone to "postpartum depression".The main reason for the postpartum depression is the change in hormones, but there is also one reason why the mother is concerned that the size of the hormone is no longer attractive.When most women were dissatisfied with their stature, a US woman photographer took the action to say that she loved her body.(Recommended reading: also write yourself )

Her name is Jade Beall .

Jade suddenly felt anxious about her figure after she had her son two years ago.She hated herself to add 22.6 kilograms to her pregnancy, and she felt even more ashamed when she advocated a picture of beauty in the media.So Jade decided she didn't want to go on like this anymore, and she started a program.She took a series of semi-naked self-photographed photographs with her postpartum as a theme, and placed them on Facebook.

Many mothers in the United States have seen and encouraged her in Facebook after seeing her, sigh and praise her bravery.Jade thus discovered that many mothers, like her, were unhappy with their imperfect body.She decided to do something for herself as well as for all women who had postpartum.Jade created a program called "A Beautiful Body Project" (the "Beautiful Traces") in Kickstarter (the world's largest fundraising platform).Jade photographed many of the postpartum mothers' bodies in the program.She especially flaps the wrinkles on her belly and the jelly rolls on her back to show that the traces of the child are beautiful, and that's the mother's body that is used to remember a unique story.(Recommended reading: story Zine's mother )

So the moms, when you open your eyes and look in the mirror every morning, look carefully at your wrinkles.Don't think you're not beautiful anymore, and bravely embrace your own small flaws!

Mother is the world's most beautiful woman
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