Womany.net has four Mother's Day gift themes
by Mother's Center for Mother's Day.
“ Love supplies ” are also selected for the Cool Mother's Day Topic Gift

Mother's Day is here, and everyone begins to annoy what gifts they should send to their mothers?

Womany's parent festival theme item, " My mom!"My mother's afternoon tea date", "My mother's life", "My mother's life", "My mother's beautiful", "My mother's beautiful", and "My Hot moms" are all chosen to meet different needs. Let's take a look at the content of our choice.

My mother's afternoon tea date (SWATi, Mizar, skylight)

How long does it take to drink tea with my mother?You want to go to the dessert with your mother, and worry about the heat too high?Womany's classic "Candle Queen" designer, known as Mayumi Nakada, has a delicious strawberry muffin cake (NT$1, 750) and a strawberry-style strawberry (NT$1,550), so Mom can see these sweet candles in a sweet mood and return to the sweet romance of a young girl's age.The elegant tea cups with design are also the most suitable gifts for the design of the Taiwan Design Brand Mizar and the fine weather. Behind the teapot is the designer's ingenuality and love (NT$500 ~ NT$2,500), and its special second breast cup is a metaphor for the mother's child.

( SWATi-Strawberry Sweet Cake ; SWATi-Strawberries Budin San-dynasty form candle )

( Mizar-2nd Milk Cup ; Mizar-Fcufflinks tea can + spoon ; Mizar-famous tea pot

My mother understands life (25 to go, Cuckoo, Sunny)

I feel it's hard for mom to make her mother's life colorful every day.womany also features a very cute little bear (25 to go, NT$ 1, 250) to decorate the usual home space and intake habits of her mother."Cuckoo, NT$ 1,580" is a very practical and beautiful gift, and is a sweet gift from mother.The money tree (which is fine, NT$1, 280) makes it convenient to collect the snacks that are scattered in the home. It is a popular commodity.

( 25togo-MR.B Containing Bear ; Sunshine-Money tree )


My mom is really beautiful (featured by Marina Makaron Moscow, Library Brass, Alex and Chloe)

Jolin just went to Hermes to purchase silk scarves, and the fashion talent Lin Yitei also strongly recommended the silk scarves to be a major focus of this year's fashion.Womany has exclusively imported 100 percent of Marina Makaron Moskw's 100 % silk scarf ($4,650-5650), half of Hermes, but not Peugeot, advanced, natural materials, European, American fashion week, and reputation as the most promising fashion gift this year.It is also a secret weapon of the beautiful mother, the special snow-spinning mix metal, and is a gift of no error ($1280-2280).Alex and Chloe, one of the most dynamic dams in the United States, is ideal for young mothers.When young people cannot afford expensive diamonds, they can still send out a series of diamond ornaments, or a series of diamond ornaments ($1850 to $3650), and a huge diamond design that lets her mother know that you are a big part of her!

Marina Makaron Moskw- Goeto ; Mcaron Summer ; Pink Pink )

(ALEX & CHLOE - Love never dies ; Zero Diamonds ; Zero Diamonds ; Her Zero Diamonds ; His Zero Diamonds

My mother's hot brand: Lelo, Waterlide, Eros

It's a common foreign country, and she likes to pick up a variety of interesting gifts.Mother is one of her closest people. Of course, she can also put up with a hot, hot and tactile design of interest.Womany's special features of the world's most fashionable Swedish design brand LELO's True-silk Eye and Massine series ($1,500 to $5,480) make the two men warm for the time, even when they are not used in a time of passion, and the real eye can be used to shade the shade.The German original imported 100 % edible lubricating fluid, which can be used as a massage oil, can make mothers feel the same hot Mother's Day ($780 to $1580).

(LELO- Joy SORAYA : Liv LIV : German slip-water solubility lubricant )

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