It's time to go out and take a walk!A railroad travel , or a stimulative adventure, if you don't want to play, be able to play the world in front of the computer !Do you know what world wondo you can see on Google Maps ?From England to Brazil, from the valley to the bottom of the ocean, Google Maps presents the world's interesting place in front of you!

1. Harry Potter bevels alleys (UK)

This is the latest location of Google Maps: the British Warner Brothers filming the Harry Potter movie set!The property group staff spent six months on this large scene, with 20,000 items up to 20,000 items, including shop signs in the film, merchandise in the window, and so on.So the Muggles who love Harry Potter can finally see the wizard's world!

w. w. w. w. w. w. . "Diagon Alley at Warner Bros." in Google Maps. Studio TourLondon "

2. Warships Island (Japan)

Remember in 007: Is the location of former secret Raoul Silva hiding in a desolate island of abandoned buildings?This location is in Japan not far from Taiwan!The director was activated by the ship's island, and the scene was rebuilt in front of the viewer.

womany little reminder: If you want to find a warship yourself, enter "Hashima Island, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan" in Google Maps

3. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Google Maps launched the function of the Seabed Landscape in September last year.This function allows us to see the spectacular look of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.This is a picture taken on the bottom of the heron island, where you can freely lie between coral and sea turtles and enjoy the beauty of nature.{\fnArial\fs10\1cH77CEFD) I'm going to go to the deep dive dive !)

womany little reminder: If you want to find the Great Barrier Reef, enter the Heron Island in Google Maps, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

4. Antarctica

Have you ever seen such a snowy world?Here is Scott ’ Hurt in the Antarctic, and Scott, a scientist who went to the Antarctic in 1912, was killed in the expedition, so this place was commemorating him with his name as the place name.

womany, sweet reminder: To find the South Pole yourself, enter "Ross Island, Antarctica," in Google Maps

5. Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)

The Amazon rainforest has nurtured the world's most species of plants and animals, such as spiders, jaguars, giant pythons, and so on.If you're lucky, maybe you can also see the small animals that live in the rainforest!

womany, sweet reminder: To find yourself in the tropical rain forest, drive into Amazon Rainforest, Amazonas, Brazil

6. The Maya civilization (Turing)

The Maya culture that prophesiated the world to be destroyed in 2012 was also found on Google Maps!We can also observe the great history of the primitive culture that was listed as one of the three great civilization of the Americas before the computer.

womany: If you want to find the Maya legacy, enter Tulum Mayan Ruins in the Google Map

7. Grand Canyon (US)

This is the Colorado River, which flows through the Grand Canyon, 2,330 km, and passes through seven US states and two Mexican states.When you see this picture, you can't help but praise the power of nature for thousands of years.

womany little reminder: To find the Grand Canyon yourself, enter Grand Canyon National Park in Google Maps, Arizona, United States

8. The Stonehenge (UK)

has a million people each year to visit the Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, which is now visible as soon as a mouse clicks.The Stonehenge has many myths, and one of the legends is that the monolith is suddenly fossilified from a group of giants living here.

womany little reminder: If you want to find Stonehenge yourself, enter Stonehenge

9. The Alps (Switzerland)

This is a view of the Alps in Switzerland.The lake in front of the lake is the "Lake of White" Lago Bianco.If you've always wanted to go skiing in the European Central Mountain Range, let's look at what looks like this.

w. w omany: If you want to find the Alps yourself, enter Lago Bianco, Rhaetian Railway, Berna-Albula, Switzerland, on Google Maps

10. Amazonas (Brazil)

This river is the largest branch of the Amazon in the river: Rio Negro (black river).Imagine that you have a green and dense forest next to this river, and you're comfortable here, and you're comfortable here.

Is there any place you want to go after visiting these 10 locations?Come on, Google Maps, find the new place!

home sweet reminder:
If you want to find the Amazon River yourself, enter Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil, Brazil

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