The Cory Monteith, who plays the lead actor in the actor's role as actor in Finn, shocked Hollywood by the news on July 13, when he died.In the show, Finn was a high and handsome neighbor boy.His performance gave the audience a genuine and sincere feeling, and Monteith was able to make a sweet taste in the mind of the audience.

The Glee Chorus has been popular among many youth fans since its opening in 2009.It's not just wonderful music, but also a lot of young people who experience problems, like love, like a family.It touches on many controversial topics, such as sex, homosexuality , underage pregnancy , and so on, but the Chorus Choir chose to look at these issues in a tolerant and tolerant attitude.People who have seen the Glee are able to feel the unparalleled positive energy they bring, and they can learn how to happily live with themselves .The album's songs are undoubtedly the biggest selling point, and the "Happy Choir" successfully integrated the classic old songs with pop music, and let us hear the top ten most popular songs in the film!(below statistics from Nielsen SoundScan)

10th name: Total Eclipse of the Heart (number of downloads: 291,000)

This song is a song sung by her boyfriend, Jessie, after she was abandoned by her boyfriend Jesse.Rachel's heart-hearted singing accompanied the boy's accompaniment to show her fragility and helplessness, and this song drew a broken period in the first quarter.

Ninth: Singing in the Rain/Umbrella (Number of downloads: 315,000)

The Holly Holliday and the choral teacher, Will Schuester, have led the confrontations performed by girls and boys' teams.This song is Holly and Will.

Eight: It ’ s My Life/Confs Part II (Downloads: 325,000)

This is the performance of the boys' group in the first season.Although the girls' team gained the advantage in the play, judging from the rate of downloads, the fans are also quite strong men!

Seventh name: Poker Face (number of downloads: 326,000)

Rachel finally met her mother, but she found that her mother was the coach of the enemy!During Rachel's brief encounter with her mother, they sang the best-selling song of the goddess Kaka.They chose to sing the song in a slow way, allowing viewers to feel their complex, naked emotions, giving the song a completely new interpretation.

Sixth place: Halo/ Walking on Sunshine (number of downloads: 337,000)

This is the first season of women and men's performance in the women's group match.The girls wear bright yellow, and in addition to their success, they also fully express the personality of the "Happy Choir".(Recommended reading: smile one!Six Good Friends )

Fifth: Senebody to Love (downloads: 338,000)

The classic song of the Queen's Choir is sung by the male lead singer in the classic song" The Glee ".

Fourth: Defying Gravity (number of downloads: 375,000)

Rachel and schoolmate Curt are competing for a solo one, with the song that is a little higher.In the show, Curt accidentally sings the last pitch, but because the fans love the song too much, Rachel and Kurt recorded this choral singing to the fans too much.

Third: Teenage Dream (downloads: 440,000)

Curt took part in their choir after school was transferred to a new school.The fans were very disappointed that Curt left the Joychoir, but after listening to the Warblers Choir, who led by Dylan, they believed that the fans would be much more interested in Curt's performance!

Second: Forget You (downloads: 526,000)

Gniece Patrolo has been ridiculed by the students, saying that she is not a good cause!Patello has been invited to perform at the Grammy Awards for this song!

First name: Don ’ t Stop Begliving (number of downloads: 1,102,000)

This early 1980s song is not only a perfect interpretation of life's optimism, but also a group of young people who are more likely to connect with the audience, and be more convinced.

With these songs, we feel the passion and joy of the Joy Chorus.The Chorus Chorus brings laughter to the audience, and brings back memories of the high school age. They bring an optimistic attitude towards life and the optimism of life.(Recommended reading: Happy Magic: Faster 101 Select )

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