Over the weekend, at the end of the week, would you like to be able to play with this evening?Put on that dress , which is in the depths of the wardrobe, pedaling your favorite high-heeled shoes , and go out and look for the little crazy thing that belongs to it.Today, the womany taught us how to use an unfashionable black and white mashup to build a fashion New York City, so that it can attract everyone's attention in any corner of the city!


A skirt with a black line that makes the whole body more impaired thin !A pair of simple and powerful white high-heeled shoes with a pair of black cowskin handbags can be perfectly interpreted in the hands of today's lively and nimblish hands.

LOOK 2 Wind Wind

The color of black and white is so elegans that it isn't expected to be.In addition to the previously described heat-fired print , the character of the costume with black white as the main character in the hot summer can also allow freedom to show a little bit of sexy!

LOOK 3- Baroque-style

You want to scrape a gorgeous whirlwind in the city and try to find a close-fitting close-fitting dress that is full of summer flowers!A large black handbag is handbag with a -drilled watch , and the overall strength of the person's strength index is instantly high!Don't forget to wear the well-known sunglasses , which has a gaze of attention on the road.

If you want to quickly become a fashion woman on the streets of New York, you don't know where to start and look at the refined New York look of the womany gang.

womany LOOK

New York

A pair of black and white classic dress with a pair of wine red sheepskin, so that they can be promoted to fashion people immediately!Accessories don't need to be fancy, and as long as a geometric styling necklace can make the whole dress more Yuan-shaped.Finally, the black nail polish of the rock and roll is full of low key and sexy, and it's cool and it doesn't miss a woman!

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