Music is a good partner for the commute?The headset, the eyes closed, the busy of the moment, and the immersed in the music world. Music is important to celebrate the importance of music in all of our lives: the Kungliao music season, spring, and so on in Taiwan.A lot of overseas countries are taking part in the festivals the world today, taking a tour of the world.

If you want to see popular music around the world:

Coachella, which started in California in April, is the most commercialized music festival for all music festivals, primarily rock and roll, hip hop, electronic music, and so on.For example, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Iceland Independent Orchestral Monsters, and the Sigor Ros are among the top sites this year.

Coachella's special phenomenon is that many celebrities have come forward, such as Kate Moss, and Miranda Kerr, a frequent customer of Coachella.The fresh flowers, the elegant long skirts, and the Bohemian wind's boots are all the clothes that the participants often wear.If you want more to read the Coachella-shaped clothes, you can read the starlight star Coachella 2011 .

If we want to hear European music in the rain:

The last weekend of June of each year, nearly 200,000 people will flock to Glasstonbury, the world's largest outdoor music season.The Glastonbury music season originated in the hippie freedom movement, and the money that is now being earned will be donated to the public good for the benefit of the community.Glastonbury's platoons are usually barbarian, with the Mumford & Sons, the Proclaimers, Rita Ora, the Arctic Monkeys, among others, in attendance this year.

If you are going to Glastonbury, remember to wear a pair of rain shoes, an umbrella, but also not forget sunglasses and sunglasses to cope with the changing weather.

If you like to enjoy the countryside music if you like it:

If you like to hear country music, bluegrass, or folkrock, then you will certainly like the Newport Folk Festival of Rhode Island in the United States at the end of July.Starting in 1959, Newport is one of the oldest music festivals and has been the birthplace of many musicians in the last 50 years, such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, as well as a famous example.The Ford Adams State Park is located at the site where the Newport is located, with the Blue Sky and the hosting unit maintaining the beautiful scenery. The green resources such as the recycling of the camp are very much valued.Newsport is also very concerned with family experience, so there is a camper in the park that is dedicated to family planning.This year's platoon includes Beck, The Avett Brothers, and so on.

A small dress with a cute little flat in a cute little village in Newport is a perfect fit for a flat-bottomed shoe.

If it likes electronic dance and wants to dance in the Highlighter Sea:

The sponsor, Insomniac, has often performed concerts since 1993 for fans who love electronic dance. But since 2008, fortunately, since 2008, three consecutive days of Electric Daisy Carnival, who have participated in the world, have been able to have the fun.Although the EDC has only a few years of history compared to other music seasons, it was attended by more than 300,000 people in the most recent outdoor music season in Las Vegas last year-the largest number in North America.The scene in Las Vegas at the end of June included Kevin Harris, the Empire of the Sun, and DJ Tijasdo (Ti ë sto).

To the EDC, you can wear a cool and cool thing, so that you can dance and dance without heat.

Music is a common language without borders. Let us dance with music lovers all over the world this summer!

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