In the face of sexual assault, we expect that society will not review the victim's label on their behalf, but rather treat them with tenderness.

Sex violence is not just between strangers, but according to foreign statistics, most cases of sexual violence and disorderly ownership are found in two familiar human relationships.The false concept of "rape is a living thing," so that society views the label of a girl when rape is being raped , so that the victim is not willing to make a sound. In fact, every woman has the right to decide how much clothing she can wear and to say no. Breaking the myth of this kind of mistake .

Canada responded to a survey of 1,008 adults over 18 years of age in March: 15 % of respondents thought that if a girl had flirting with each other first, she would invite her to have a relationship with her; another 11 % thought that if the skirt was too short, it was another kind of invitation.

When you see the results of this survey, do you feel angry and disappointed with these biased thoughts?In fact, the truth is that the blame for the victims' views is widespread in society.Whenever sexual harassment, sexual assault cases occur, "victims of short skirts ..." or "victims drink too much ..." are often said to be the subject of sexual assault.Maybe one of the other, but further thought,

If we are not responsible for the victim, why do we highlight the victim's wear, behavior?

Canada recently introduced a series of posters to guide Don ’ t Be That Guy (don't be such a man!)It is different from the need for girls to pay more attention to their own wear, behavior, and people around them. This series of posters are aimed at the potential perpetrators of male-victimize males, and mainly want to break the subconscious mind of the victims.This series of poster campaign "does not obtain consent for sexual conduct = prejudiced autonomy".To highlight this seemingly simple subject, the poster's designers are portrayed in every situation that depicts a possible misunderstanding by men, including even the intoxinable nature of the girl's death, and does not mean that she agrees to be sexually abused.This series of posters not only takes the lead to recognize that sexual autonomy is not the victim's fault, but also extends the scope of sexual autonomy to same-sex relationships (recommended reading: Breaking the myth of rape ).

The target group for this poster is young 18 to 25 years old, so the use of words is not only used in terms of words, but also in places where young people have been posted, such as being stuck near the entrance to the club, and on the pole adjacent to the bar.

But after this series of posters, a series of posters were launched against ’ University of Alberta at the University of Alberta.This series of posters used the design of Don ’ t Be That Guy, but changed the sentence to "because you regret having a one-night stand, don't represent him on you," or simply change the original poster of Don ’ t Be That Guy "to" although she's easy to do, doesn't mean that you should take the risk of a false charge."These posters are a hypothetical assumption that many mandatory claims are false, but according to the Canadian police, the false reports account for only 1-2 % of the cases, the same proportion as the number of false allegations of other crimes.These posters not only immediately drew the attention of local police, but also came out to accuse the posters of turning it into a kind of joke and creating an invisible pressure on the victims who were victimless, so that they would not dare to stand up.Prof Krisstopher Wells from the University of Alberta also said:

These posters are exactly the reason why Don ’ t Be That Guy is needed, and if there are others who think that these posters are funny, education and the correct perception of education need to be strengthened."

But Canada has an anonymous male saying: " Why can there be posters for men, but the women's version is scolsed?Is it possible to be sexized if it is harmful to autonomous crimes?"

Don ’ t Be That Girl series poster

Obstruction autonomy seriously infringers on a person's most basic physical right and teaches girls to behave in a way that leads to the behavior of the potential perpetrator, from the source, and to the behavior of the potential offender.Sexual violence is not only confined to strangers, but according to foreign statistics, most cases of sexual violence and disorderly self-control are found in the two people who are familiar with each other.It is only because you are in a relationship that does not mean that the other half of you can have a relationship with us without the consent of the agreement.(Recommended reading: Companypartnership detection: Is it at risk of sexual violence?! )