On Tuesday, today's help is a sort of a total of eight interesting news stories.Will buying new clothes automatically discount the price?If there is a male question, how will your response be if you want to have sex with him?As < Gray's 50 Shadows > best-selling, the London fire department is increasingly busy helping people handcuffs.If you want to know the details, continue to read it down!

Twitter Launches the Theme Hotel

If you want to hide in a place where you can go crazy about using the Internet wildly, you can go to the latest Twitter theme hotel!Each room, every alcoholic beverage, a recliner at the side of the swimming pool, can be used to find a strange man who plays with a variety of #( hens).Even the color of the room, the color of the drink, the outdoor surfing area are all blue and white on Twitter, and if it's a crazy Twitter fan, you can't miss this place!( Extended Read: Five Worldwide Social Web Site Comparison )
* News Source: TIME Magazine

The total amount of the bloody misstatement, the same for men and women

According to polls, around eight million people in the world will not actually report their purchases with their other half.About 37 % of women would lie about the amount of their clothing, while 29 % of men would lie about their money spent on 3C electronics.On average, women would cut off £ 57.20 "and men would cut off £ 95.04" from the amount.(Extended Read: Fashion Reporters Without Borders )
Newssource: dailymail.co.uk

You can have a relationship with a heart disease

to the researchers, with heart disease or having suffered a stroke who are afraid of having sexual relations are likely to cause relapse of the disease should be counselled by doctors.The first day of the American Heart Journal, the first science based on scientific evidence, provides detailed guidance on how to relate to heart disease, stroke, and stroke.A familiar environment, comfortable indoor temperature, and a familiar sexual partner are both within the guidance of the guidance.( Love needs a spicy pepper!For Sex and Love in the Romance of History )
* News source: independent.co.uk

The monogamy is developed to protect the cubs.

Most of the world's children grow up under monogamy, but this is not a cultural accident, but a biological evolution that evolves through tens of millions of years of history.More than 230 primates have been observed at the University of London-led study, and they have found that avoiding male opponents to kill themselves is driving primates, including the monogamous development of human beings.This can be seen in Chinese traditional polygamy, concubinage, and the right room to snatch the children of her with each other.(Extended reading: Why do newlyweds always have to "go to the honeymoon"?)
* News sources: independent.co.uk

< Grey 50 Shadows > Increase Handcuffs

More and more people in the UK have been locked in handcuffs after the 50-way shadows from < Grey's series.The London Fire Brigade said there had been 79 handcuffing accidents so far, nine of which were accidents on boys' penis. They said they wanted the public to use handcuffs to remember the keys.They also say that if you want to increase the interest of a bundle, you can try to use a tie, a scarf, and so on, to cut open your own items.(Extended reading: plagiarism woman and dangerous man-why we love vampire Romance )
* News source: independent.co.uk

Do you want to have sex with me?

Youtube has recently been circulating a series of videos, one of which has been asked by a man in the film about 100 girls who are now willing to have sex with him.Some of the women's embarrassment refused, some threw his coffee, some were laughed and polite, but none of the 100 were willing to have a relationship with him.On the other hand, the other film asks whether 14 male students are willing to have a relationship with her, including a police officer, a polite rejection of her, but 50 % of the men concluded that they would not ask anything, and now they have a relationship with her. (Extended reading: Why is it particularly easy to "think too much" in the face of gender relations?)
* News sources: youtube.com

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