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When life is in default, it is a university question to learn at the time of failure.And it is often the beginning of success.So, after the failure, how can we learn from experience and turn it into a dynamic force?Let's take a look at the stories of six successful women, and see how they are actively facing and moving forward in the face of a setback after they have encountered setbacks.(Recommend > Fuji Top 100 Most Influence Women in 2012 )

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the sexy goddess in everyone's heart.But before reaching the goddess, she had been through years of unheard and unheard.In 1945, when he began to contact performing arts circles, until 1948, when she was in love with her agent, Johnny Hyde, Monroe's talents were gradually being seen by more people.In 1949, she began to carry out several films, including "Comet Beauty" and "The Night of the Night", the most famous of which was the shy shape of the hemline in the seven-year itch.(Recommended reading: Marilyn Monroe and Dog's Secret of Secret , Emerson Marilyn Monroe )


Oprah's 25-year-long show is popular with viewers worldwide, and 140 countries around the world can enjoy her elegance on TV.But before taking over the job, her career was not smooth sailing.After successfully moderator status at the American Baltimore television station in the United States, he was transferred to the morning news of the cold front as the anchor.In this case, Oprah met with her best friend, who led her to a successful future.(Recommended reading: This is a 16-step success and a success: The opportunity is to say "Yes!")

Wang Wei

Wang Wei-wei's wedding dress can be said to be the dream of every woman, and even if she doesn't want to get married, she will want to wear that dream dress.But Wang Wei-wei's success story is not romantic either.When she was young, she was a figure skating athlete, but she failed to qualify for the Olympics.At a time of low tide, Wang Wei-wei, who loves fashion, switched to an assistant job at Fashion > magazine.When she was 23, she was promoted to the editor of the editorial department.Ten years later, Wang Wei-wei was the envy of the editor-in-chief and found that her true dream was to become a fashion designer. Now, her own brand, Vera Wang, can be said to be a surrogate term for the wedding dress.(Recommended reading: Different wedding dress: grand adventure of the hollowed-out dress )

Stephanie ·

Prior to the birth of the twilight, the author Stephen had experienced countless setbacks.After writing 15 letters to various publishers, they received only one reply.Luckily, eight publishing houses now bid for the "twilight" copyrights, and the super-high popularity of the novel makes her famous, and Stephen Nil became one of the more than 100 adults of the year 2011.

J. "K". Rowling

Everyone on author J. "K". Rowling's legendary story should not be unfamiliar, and single-parent moms J.J.'s parents are in poor poverty. "K". Rowling uses a rich imagination to shape Harry Potter's fantasy land.However, he was subsequently refused by 12 publishing houses, and finally sold her first work of only US$ 4,000.In an unexpected way, Harry Potter was welcomed by a wide audience, both adults and children, who were convinced by her magic world, and the Harry Potter series of novels made J.J. "K". Rowling earned a total of US$ 1 billion.(Recommended reading: JK Rowling's latest novel was rejected?

Yaliana · Huffington

Yaliana is one of the founders of the

Times >, and her media career has made her the most powerful female entrepreneur in the world.She confessed that her success was inevitably coming from defeat.After the publication of his first book, the second book was not favoured by publishers.After 36 publishing houses refused to do so, Jaria experienced real setbacks.But failure is often the key to success, and now she is the author of 13 books and the president of Huffington Post.

"Treat these failures as another achievement"

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