How did the first day of August?womany is preparing for all kinds of news for the world to have a good heart and a whole day!From the cute panda, the anchor of the anchor, to the secrets of the scientific research, to the secret solution to the scientific research, and the woman's exclusive use of Weir Gang, for the good day of the month!

iPanda enables you to see a cute panda 24 hours a day.

China will issue the Panda Panda Monitor in August!The research base in Chengdu has 80 cute pandas, and they will install 28 high-resolution cameras to record their every move.Just get in on the iPanda channel, you can track the giant panda 24 hours a day!( Extended Read: 50K Little Bear's soft sugar to build Alexander McQueen ) * news source: FastCompany , Photo Source:

Higher females get cancer

A new study in the United States says that the higher the woman is, the easier it is to get cancer!According to the study, each woman who is 10 centimeters higher than the average height increases the risk of cancer by 13 percent.However, according to another study, every woman who is seven centimeters higher than the average height, they earn 5 to 8 percent more money than the average height of the woman. (Extended reading: Beauty and High Shoes ) * news source: Jezebel , Picture source: source

Ambiguous MV of Asian Women

The American Philharmonic, Day Abow Ground, released an MV on July 29, causing a stir.The whole MV was filming an Asian woman taking her clothes off slowly, and the lyrics even kept repeating Americans' stereotypes about Asians, like Bruce Lee, wonton soup, spring rolls, and so on."We know that most people may misunderstand that we are looking at Asians, but we love people of different race, religion, and gender," said the group. (Extended Read: Impressions of the Woman's Day ) * News source: Jezeb

Find a cure for white-headed hair?!

The NYU Langone Medical Center is likely to find out the secret that it will never have to worry about white-haired hair.New York University announced recently that it has identified a protein that allows hair whitening, and this discovery will probably develop a cure for white hair. (Extended Read: 5 NG Behaviour of Harm Hair ) * News sources: New Beauty

The Presenter's confession makes her lose her job.

ABC News anchor at ABC News, Alabama, USA, on her personal Twitter account, confessed to ten confers about her profession.including her sometimes not wearing underwear when reporting live news on the scene, or she actually didn't have a draft when she dialed the news. She was even more fearful about the topic of the elderly, and so on.She lost her job soon, and Yellen said she did not expect such a consequence.

(Extended Read: Cruelty, but young people with no knowledge of the workplace five ) News source: Newsfeed , picture source: Source

Fuji is one of the top Hollywood stars in 2013

Who is the woman who knows the most money in Hollywood this year?The answer is probably about Angelina Jolie, who recently removed her breast, and her starring Princess Snow and the hunter made her earn a lot of money, with a total income of 33 million dollars this year.The second one is the actress Jennifer Lorens, who starred in recent years, and starring her for the best actress in the film. Hunger games also make her famous, with a total income of 26 million US dollars.The third one is the history of Chris Dingding, who starred in the twilight city. She has made 20 million US dollars a year in the beauty of her life. (Extended Read: href=" "") News Source: Forbes

Women Will Just Market in 2015

Do you have the needs of only boys with Will?Now, two women's Will have just entered the final stage of research and development!The problem of sex is likely to occur on anyone, and for women, because of stress or various reasons, it is not a sexual deficiency.And don't worry, you can quickly buy a woman's blue pill.The pill contains testosterone and two different components that make women's sexual desire faster and more lasting. (Extended Read: Tender Love, Two Thumbnail Practice! ) * News source: Women ’ s Health

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