After watching the story of six successful women , is it strange for the Hexington Post's founder, Arianna Huffington, · the Post-Fenton Post?The Huffington Post, founded in 2005, has surpassed the New York Times by the 2011 website and sold it to the American Online (AOL) for the annual Huffington Post in the same year, at a premium of US$ 3, 000.In just eight years, it has become the world's leading global media leader with a global audience.Behind the successful enterprise is the co-founder of — — Herfington · ", the co-founder of the Huffington Post. In 2009, Fuji ranked 12th among the top 100 women in the world, and was the first woman ever to be put on the list of media.Behind the seemingly smooth sailing of life, what are the stories that led to her today?

From this year's 2012 speech at the South Dingle Girls School in Manhattan, · can understand how a successful woman can walk out of her own path and live her own life.and to tell the young girls of the best of life, how to deal with the frustrations of life, and how to improve the world with their own power.

Smile, face frustration

" Back to my past, failures always trip me and give me a setback.

At the age of 25, she wrote a book that was rejected by 37 publishing houses.When disappointed by the door of the 25th Publishing House, most people will probably convince themselves to give up and do something else.However, she finally decided to go into the bank building next to the road.

" I have no choice but to have the courage and perseverance to say that it is quite a thick skin."

Despite a lack of money, bank manager Ian Bale has allowed her loan applications very carefully.This was the turning point in her life, which allowed her to continue door to door to a company that was willing to publish."In fairy tales, there will always be a good animal that will emerge in time when the main characters are in trouble, leading the heroes out of the jungle."And in real life, there are good animals that wear human clothing, just like the bank manager who helped me.Every year, Yarria will send cards to the angel every year.The only difference between success and failure is whether or not it can last.

She believes that one of the most important lessons in life is to face difficulties and challenge limits.Seven years ago, when she founded the Huffington Post, no one was optimistic about it at first, and one reader even described the Huffington Post — a — that could not survive.

At this time of criticism, it is easier to believe in what you believe, and at this time it's just a smile, a sense of humor and a sense of humor that makes all the criticism go away.Her mother gave her a sentence of infinity. — The — that angels can fly is because they don't look too heavy on themselves."This makes Yariana aware that failure is not a relative success, but a key element of success."(Recommended reading: Success is not good luck )

emotions, important issues in life

" The feeling of pain is unbearable for you."But when you look back, all of this pain has a reason for it." "

Yalia Ya-na is a man who has never been seen since the early 20 years of his life, and is a famous and famous journalist from the world.She was fascinated by his words, cut all his columns and lines, and put his heart in memory.Before their first date, they were different from the average girl's dressing, wearing the most beautiful clothes, and she had read all of his articles quickly.After that, they had been in contact for nearly seven years.When she was 30 years old, she wanted to have a child, but Park refused to enter the marriage.She decided to leave the man who loved it.If you can't find a horse, how can you know that it is not a blessing, her child, and a career, basically, thanks to this man who is not willing to marry her.

"Please remember that in life those seemingly divergent paths tend to lead us to the right path."

Yalia believes that the most important thing in facing a setback is to believe in yourself, not to be inundated.Those voices, like those living in the brain that are annoying, are common, and if you continue to doubt yourself, you will stop the road of pursuing your dreams.Because, as Monta said, "there are many unfortunate things in life, but most of them have never happened."And they suspect that they are often our greatest enemy.(Recommended reading: Every day exercise: honest )

Sleep is the most important thing you do every day.

How can a successful businesswoman like this work out the pressure on your work?The importance of "charging" was emphasized in many of the presentations, as we lived in high-speed generations.If it is not possible to find a rest, it will not work well in the

"We need time to work efficiently, but we also need a time to sit in the garden"

Creating gardens in their own lives is one of the keys to success, and the simplest way of charging is to sleep.We all know that the lack of sleep is a fatal injury to work efficiency, and after many years of burning the sundial, Jacob began to realize the importance of sleep, and that women should be able to keep their bodies well.(Recommended reading: Sleep helps in information integration in your brain )

Services are the spirit of this generation

" When we rediscover ourselves, we once again discover our links with others.

Yaliana mentioned the importance of the Service to others in the speech.By serving others, you will find that you have the power to change society, serve others as the spirit of an era, and have no place to live in our lives.She mentioned her daughter's story. She had a problem of eating disorders, but from working as a volunteer, she helped to take care of the disadvantaged children and young people. By serving others, she gave herself the power, and then she turned to the ground to address her own problems and change the negative attitude of dealing with her own difficulties.(Recommended reading: Happy magic: Faster 101 options )

The nature of ultra vires, survival, power

In the 1990s, the fourth instinct was written by Yaliana · Huffington ", which focused on the fourth instincts of survival, sex, and power.In physics, in physics, the critical mass is the mass of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction.In terms of life, the critical mass is thought to be the concept of each individual, and if the ideas are adopted by more people, they can naturally spread to every corner of the world.Treat Ideas as a "good" infectious disease, and everyone is a carrier.Yalia expects young students to graduate from society and let their ideas infect others, so that the world can reach the critical mass, so that the good ideas can function automatically without interruption.

" Remember your school education: honesty, friendship, and loyalty, to others, and to yourself."

Successful people, leading others to lead themselves

At the end of the talk, she emphasizes that if you want to succeed in this era, you can't wait for others to solve the problem, but to make active use of every second.

Successful people must be leaders of their own, never to wait for the assistance of others, because they know that the world needs him very well.

The more setbacks you encounter, the more often the delegates are closer to success, and the most important is that successful people always try to improve the world.And how can this seemingly difficult thing to do?Stay happy, have plenty of sleep, and be grateful to the world.(Recommended reading: The Global CEO of eBay: Four Rules of Excellence )

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